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6 Tips To Running Indoors This Winter

I am refusing to run outdoors this winter. And that is totally fine with me. I hate the treadmill as much as the next runner, but I also hate the cold even more. Feeling cold is one of the worst feelings in the world for me. Ever be outside in the brutal winter and your

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How To Survive Training For A Race This Winter

Training for a race in the winter? Then you probably feeling just a bit nervous about how you are going to make it through all the training runs in the cold and the snow. But it is possible to continue to run throughout the winter months. Many runners start training in the winter for spring

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Can You Be Dehydrated During Cold Winter Workouts? Signs And How To Prevent It

There’s nothing more refreshing than gulping down water—and then splashing it all over our red faces—during a hot and humid run in the summer. Having water on hand is a must to prevent dehydration. But what about during those winter workouts? Is it still possible to be at risk for dehydration? Winter dehydration is real.

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How To Start Running In The Winter

The weather outside is frightful. And so is the thought of running in the winter. It is cold and windy and then comes on the snowfall and then ice. So how do you start running when winter is in full force? Many might be hoping that the answer is that you don’t. But that’s not

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Best Ways To Warm Up After A Cold Run

Brrrrr. It’s cold out there. And even after we finish our run we can’t seem to shake the chill from our bones. What we need to do is get warm and fast. Once the temperatures drop many of us continue to brave the cold and get in our runs. And for those training for a

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