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How To Make Frosé, The Frozen Wine Slushie For The Summer

You might never need a reason to pop the cork, but now that summer is around the corner, wine lovers might want to whip up a wine concoction that provides all the boozy goodness while keep you cool in the hot sun. Look no further than this frosé recipe, an easy-to-make drink that will be

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The Fancy Food Show Features 3D Treats

Held at New York’s Javits Center last week, the Fancy Food show featured the first food 3D prototype printer that created custom-made treats. ChefJet, who featured the printed, edible sugar and chocolate, ideal for cake toppers and other baking decoration, will run consumers about $5,000 for a small counter top printer or under $10,00 for

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Red wine resveratrol not linked to health benefits

Red wine and chocolate won’t help an unhealthy heart. A new study has found that there is no proof that resveratrol, the antioxidant found in red wine and chocolate, prevents heart disease, cancer, or could prolong life. The nine year study, led by Professor Richard Semba from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in

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