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Not Stepping On A Scale Can Help You Lose Weight: Here’s How

When looking to shed a few pounds and slim down, I found that the biggest demotivational thing is watching the numbers on the scale go up and down. In fact, I choose to NEVER step on the scale and actually have been seeing real results. You are probably thinking how in the world does she

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Breakfast Won’t Control Weight Says Study

Those interested in health and nutrition know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast wakes up the brain and the body so that you can better focus in the morning and your metabolism jump-starts. However, new research disputes the fact that breakfast helps stabilize weight and prevent obesity.

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Drinking Diet Soda Linked to Lost Weight

Research has found that drinking diet soda doesn’t help soda lovers lose weight, but rather increases sugar cravings, putting people at risk to pack on more pounds. However, the soda industry backed a study that found that diet soda drinkers lost unwanted weight more quickly than those who gave up the sugary poison. Funded by

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New York Squeezes Into Top 10 Least Obese States

We might still be able to slurp down a super-sized Big Gulp here in New York, but we —arguably—have a right to since a new poll has found that we are not the obese state. Mississippi takes the cake with a whopping 35.4% obese population. Americans overall are continuing to live unhealthy lifestyles; they do

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