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Best Running Workouts: Treadmill, Hills, Sprints And Other Runs For Beginners

Running is a great activity to begin a fitness journey with because everyone and anyone can run. It doesn’t matter speed or distance, just get outside or hop on a treadmill and get moving. But there are specific running workouts that beginners should be aware of. There are many benefits to changing out your running

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Fitscope Is The Fitness App That Livestreams Instructor-Led Classes Virtually To Any Gym

Running on the treadmill can be so boring. But what if you were able to participate in an instructor-led class that helped motivate and guide you, all on your own time from your own gym? Fitscope is the fitness app that is making this possible. What Is Fitscope? Fitscope livestreams instructor-led classes that are designed

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A Short Workout Is Better Than None

I have to admit that I haven’t been the best runner last week. I had a blast after my St. Patrick’s Day 5k, but after that, I just seemed to loose my mojo. My body was just dying for a break, my long days having me yearn for more sleep. What’s worse is all I

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Week One Half Marathon Training Recap

I still can’t believe that week one has already come and gone! I must say it was a rocky start partially because I am still stuck with my cold symptoms and the snow days had in home-bound. Here’s how the week was supposed to be like: Monday- off day, Tuesday- 3 miles,Wednesday-interval run, Thursday- 3

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Third Time’s The Charm: Training For My Third Half Marathon

There is something so exciting about starting a new adventure—especially when it comes to training. In just 12 short weeks, a cocktail of nerves and excitement will flow through my veins, as I cross the finish line buzzed with accomplishment. I can hardly wait. But race day is more about having fun and enjoying the

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