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5 Ways To Squeeze In A Workout With A Newborn

There are ways you can still squeeze in mini workout sessions while taking care of your baby.


Beauty Tip Tuesday: How To Blow Dry & Style Hair At Home

The “Beauty Tip Tuesday” is a new weekly series that will feature easy, diy tips you can do at home. No professional experience necessary! If you have a beauty tip or would like to write a guest post about your tip, email nylifesupply@gmail.com I never had model worthy hair. I was born with curly, blonde

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Healthy Snacks on the Road

By Jessica Remitz for Discover and Play As you pack up the car and hit the open road with your family, it can be all too easy to let healthy road trip snacks fall to the bottom of your packing list. Fortunately, there are a number of better-for-you options that can be found in gas,

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At Home Beauty With Cinnamon

At Home Beauty With Cinnamon By Sarah Baker for Discover and Play Don’t you want to look in the mirror and see supple skin and lips; strong hair and nails; and a glowing and vibrant face smiling back at you? What better way to achieve a vibrant glow sans chemicals and harsh ingredients than using

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Get Your Family Out the Door on Time

Get Your Family Out the Door on Time By Jennifer Kelly Geddes for Discover and Play   The dog needs walking, the kids are hungry and you can’t find your car keys. Sound familiar? Well, you’re very much not alone. But take heart: The a.m. rush does not have to send you over the edge.

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Best Ways to Stay Active This 4th of July

The 4th of July is a not only a celebration of the red, white, and blue, but it is a time we get together with our family and close friends to let loose and ring in the summer. Before you help yourself to barbeque food, alcoholic drinks, and desserts, remember that just because it is

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How to Get Beach Body Ready

Top 5 Tips To Get Bikini Body Toned Saturday was the official first day of summer, and while the temperatures start to sizzle, your mood might be a bit blue if you feel like you are not ready to show off your summer body. While we should embrace of bodies, no matter what size or

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Healthy Recipe: Breakfast on-the-go Frittatas

Breakfast is the most important meal because it fuels both your brain and body to work healthfully throughout the day. I am not a big breakfast person; I am rarely hungry when I wake up and need some time to slowly come back to reality my few hours in dream world. I usually need just

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Top 5 Ways to Keep on Running

Feeling run down? Use these tips to start up your running again By: Lauren Keating Every runner knows how great is feels to shed their worries—and unwanted weight—by hitting the pavement. Your mind wanders off in a state of bliss, while paradoxically, your body is being pushed to its physical limits. While there are a

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