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I Took A Morning Routine Challenge And This Is What Happened

Rise and shine. There are many benefits to getting up early. I know that these include things like increased productivity, but it’s just so tempting to stay in bed. But as a mom of a newborn, I wake up around 5 a.m. to feed her. Like any sane person, I then usually go back to

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The Trick That Helped My Baby Sleep In The Crib At Night

As parents, it’s at times crucial to have a few tricks up our sleeves. And especially when it comes to getting our little ones to sleep. For those like me who have been struggling to get their babies to go to bed in their crib, there is one specific crib adjustment that seemed to do

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Surprising Sleep Stealers

By Jennifer Kelly Geddes for Discover and Play The AC hums, your husband snores and garbage trucks clank outside the window. Add in kids, work, housekeeping – even a dog – and it’s no wonder you’re unable to properly rest. If you’re faced with an uphill battle at bedtime, it’s time to take a closer

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Are The Best Runs the Ones We Don’t Want to Do?

Last night I was more than fine with not going for a run. Everyone needs a rest day right? After running 6 miles the day before (spilt between a morning and evening run), I decided to give my body a little break knowing that I am going to the gym tonight for weight training (and

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Real Life Inception: Scientists Can ‘Control’ Plot of Dreams

You are having that dream where you know you are dreaming. Now imagine you could control what happens next—with a little help from an electric charge. According to a study published May 11, in Nature Neuroscience, applying electrical currents to the brain induces ‘lucid dreaming,’ a phenomenon where the dreamer is aware they are dreaming.

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