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Best Maternity Running Shorts

Running during pregnancy is beneficial for both mamas and baby. It helps keep our weight in check, is great for mental health and reduces the risk of gestational diabetes. There is even research that suggests it can reduce heart defects in babies. The only thing that gets in our way—besides lack of energy some days

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The Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon Review: Here’s What It’s Like To Run A Marathon Relay

Participating in a marathon relay allows runners to get a feel for what it could be like to run a marathon without having to physically run the 26.2 miles.

Main Street Donut Chase 5k Race Review: Who Wouldn’t Run For Donuts?

I run for donuts. And so did many others at this year’s Main Street Donut Chase 5k and 1 Miler. Held on Sunday, March 24 in Wall, New Jersey, participants held their eyes on the prize—a really awesome medal and delicious donut at the finish line. The race was organized by the same people behind

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The Best Mother’s Day Races In New Jersey

Racing and having babies have one thing in common: once you do it, you know you can do anything. But completing races as a mom completely changes post-baby. As a mom, not only are you working on your health and fitness for yourself, but you are to be the best version of yourself for your

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Here’s What It’s Like To Run A Night Nation Run 5K

Just in time for beach season, I have been on a running streak as of late. While the now warm and sunny weather has me feeling good, being consistent with my runs and fueling my body with healthy foods has me feeling even better. I noticed that for the past three weeks I’ve really been

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What Is The Meaning Behind Global Running Day 2017 And How Do You Participate?

The world is celebrating it’s love for running today. Wednesday, June 7 is Global Running Day, a day to get moving and simply enjoy a good run. It may sound silly to have a day dedicated to celebrate running since chances are the only ones to take part are most likely runners, and this is

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Winter Running Rundown

// By Jennifer Kelly Geddes for Discover and Play Whether you’re keeping your New Year’s resolution to get fit or simply continuing a healthy workout routine, running in cold weather can be a challenge. Lacing up when the temperature dips takes determination — and some good advice for braving the elements. Before dashing out the

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‘Smart Shoes’ the step in fitness tracking

It seems like are countless fitness trackers to count each mile ran and calorie burned. While some runners use Garmin watches, Nike Fuelbands, Fitbit and the laundry list of other trackers, others simply use an app on their phone that can also be used for navigation. But looking down to figure out where you are

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The joy of Robin Williams will continue to run in our hearts

Beloved Oscar-winning actor and comedian Robin William died Aug. 11 in his California home from a tragic suicide. Williams was known for his roles in “Good Will Hunting,” “Dead Pets Society,” “Mrs. Doubtfire” and as the genie in Disney’s “Aladdin.” But as the world mourns an icon that was able to make us laugh to

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National Running Day NYC

Today might just be a runner’s favorite holiday—National Running Day! While die hard runners do not need a day to give life to their running spirit, having a day dedicated to running allows runners to appreciate the sport. Not to mention the motivation runners will have to day to lace up and enjoy their favorite

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