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Arts And Crafts To Do With Toddlers: Klutz Jr My Pom-Pom Pet Shop

I am obsessed with Barnes & Noble. And to my delight, my toddler is already a mini mommy when it comes to reading. (He already made me read him three short books the second I wrote this sentence.) So after a recent trip to get him some new books I decided now is the time

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KiwiCo Cricket Crate Review: Toddler Gets A Pet

“Dog,” my almost 2-year-old said lifting the felt stuffed animal. “Peek-a-boo,” I said, watching his toothy grin grow ear to ear. After watching me once, he too hid the animals under the flaps of the playground. We took turns hiding the rabbit under the slide and the cat into the house. Each time he would

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Owners Send Doggie Pics Cheer Up Teen Battling Cancer In Viral Campaign

We all know the power of a social media campaign that goes viral (We all remember the the ALS Ice bucket Challenge). And this one will surely melt your heart. A woman started a Facebook even asking pet owners to send pictures of dogs to cheer up her friend’s 16-year-old son who is battling cancer.

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