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Health Recipe: Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers

It’s the weekend and that means I have the extra time to prepare some healthy food. I have grown to love to cook, even though I am not the most advanced chef. Still, preparing healthy recipes is easy to do. For this Saturday’s eats I decided to prepare vegetarian-friendly stuffed peppers. I used organic yellow,

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What’s For Dinner: Healthy Of-the-Sea Supper

Even if you are not running to loose weight, nutrition is very important to runners. I often will indulge in the occasional slice of pizza (this is New York!), buffalo wings, or whatever sugary dessert I can put my hands on, but I soon regret these choices before a scheduled run. During my half marathon

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Healthy Dinner Recipe: Sweet-Peppered Lime Chicken

After eating healthy all day, or coming back from your evening workout, it is important to finish the day off nutritiously—without sacrificing the taste (so that you keep eating healthy and don’t give into cravings!). While it might be easier to eat healthy for breakfast and lunch (yogurt and a banana & salads), by dinnertime

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