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Why are New York’s subway platforms so unbearably hot?

If you live in New York, you know how hot it gets down there underground. Bad news is its only going to get hotter!! Find out why and how! Why are New York’s subway platforms so unbearably hot? : T-Lounge : Tech Times. Advertisements


Hula Hoops Put Circus Spin on Cardio Workouts

Many people can remember hula hooping in their childhood, hips moving around in circles, finding that strength and balance to prevent the hoop from hitting the floor. While hula hooping was a fun activity in our youth, fitness experts are bringing the toy back and incorporating it into workouts. Traditionally used as a circus prop

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The Fancy Food Show Features 3D Treats

Held at New York’s Javits Center last week, the Fancy Food show featured the first food 3D prototype printer that created custom-made treats. ChefJet, who featured the printed, edible sugar and chocolate, ideal for cake toppers and other baking decoration, will run consumers about $5,000 for a small counter top printer or under $10,00 for

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Angie Martinez Announces New Job Switch After Leaving Hot 97

Known as “The Voice of New York,” Angie Martinez announced yesterday that she was leaving radio station Hot 97 in a statement that shocked all hip-hop fans. Even though she is leaving the station after a 20-year run, she is not dropping the mic just yet. Martinez announced that she will be joining both NY

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National Running Day NYC

Today might just be a runner’s favorite holiday—National Running Day! While die hard runners do not need a day to give life to their running spirit, having a day dedicated to running allows runners to appreciate the sport. Not to mention the motivation runners will have to day to lace up and enjoy their favorite

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Jessie Ware Concert November 4, 2013 NYC

November 4, British singer and songwriter Jessie Ware performed songs from her album “Devotion” to an intimate crowd in Irving Plaza, New York City. Former VH1 Artist You Oughta Know, the singer is most known for her song “Wildest Moments.” Opening up for Ware was American singer and songwriter Mikky Ekko, who most notable wrote

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Celeb chefs serve up support for free NYC school lunch

Celebrity chefs think that the mayor should put money where his mouth is when it comes to funding in schools. Well-known culinary connoisseurs told the Daily News in an exclusive that they are publicly backing universal free lunch, which was included in City Council’s budget proposal this week, after Public Advocate Letitia James previously proposed

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Art showcases women have home in NYC

“Since art is the expression of beauty and beauty can be understood only in the form of the material elements of the true idea it contains, art has become almost uniquely feminine. Beauty is woman, and also art is woman.” –      Rémy De Gourmont SOHO20 Gallery continues to showcase the impressive and unique talent of

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Private collection of ‘Mirrors’ display reflection of Andy Warhol

written by the editor                   Photos taken by Pat Hackett, Andy Warhol’s diarist. “Beauties in photographs are different from beauties in person. It must be hard to be a model, because you’d want to be like the photograph of you, and you can’t ever look that way.

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