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The New Jersey Marathon And Half Marathon Medals Are Even Better Than Last Years

Just when you couldn’t get more excited that race day is approaching, the medals for the 2019 Novo Nordisk Marathon And Half Marathon were revealed last week and they are amazing. Seriously, they are even better than last years—and we didn’t think that would be possible. The race organizers teased earlier this month that would

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NJ Half Marathon Training Recap: Weeks 4-8

The end is near. This is the last four weeks of of training for my next half marathon, each week getting me closer to race day and reaching yet another goal. But this is only the beginning of the end, meaning there is still lots more work to do before the big day. After yesterday’s

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NJ Half Marathon Training Recap: Weeks 1-4

It has been three years, so it’s time to be crazy—well half crazy. Crossing the finish line at a half marathon race is one of the most emotionally powerful moments I have experienced in my life. A feeling so amazing, I did it three times. And after taking time away from racing to just enjoy

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