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KiwiCo January Crate Review: Playing Doctor With Your Toddler

My 26-month-old knows his body parts really well. His go-to favorites to point out are “eyes,” “belly button” and “tongue.” Taking anatomy to the next level to also include imaginative play and identification of emotions and feelings, the KiwiCo Tadpole Crate for January is just what the doctor ordered. KiwiCo is a company that sends

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Thinking About Mommy And Me? Here’s Why You Should Bring Your Baby To Gymboree

“Gymbo,” my almost 2-year-old says pointing to the clown mascot. His teacher plays to song and dances around holding the jumbo plush clown. My son and all the other kids mimic the movements and follow the words in the song like going side to side and up and down. He has even mastered the part

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KiwiCo Cricket Crate Review: Toddler Gets A Pet

“Dog,” my almost 2-year-old said lifting the felt stuffed animal. “Peek-a-boo,” I said, watching his toothy grin grow ear to ear. After watching me once, he too hid the animals under the flaps of the playground. We took turns hiding the rabbit under the slide and the cat into the house. Each time he would

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