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Get Your Kids Moving With This Fun At-Home Exercise Routine

Are kids getting stir crazy in the house? If it is not nice enough to go outside and get fresh air, then try this fun exercise routine designed to be done at home to get your kids moving. Now more than ever exercise plays a vital role in health. Exercise is important to keep the

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How Parents Can Encourage Kids To Eat Healthy

I am a parent of a picky eater. And when he’s not being picky to only wanting the same few foods then he isn’t eating much at all. So I understand the struggle. There are ways are parents we can encourage our kids to eat healthy. As parents, we cannot force our children to like

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This Mom Uses Gummy Cuties To Solve Picky Eater Toddler Problems

“How is his diet,” a fellow mom of a 3-year-old asked? This was the start of the same conversation that came up multiple times at a recent toddler birthday party. Us moms reminisced about the times when our kids ate healthy meals filled with fresh vegetables sautéed, pureed or served raw.  In fact, my son

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