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Wikipedia searches are predicting flu trends : T-Lounge : Tech Times

Get ready for flu season. Here is part 1 of my flu coverage for the Tech Times.   Wikipedia searches are predicting flu trends : T-Lounge : Tech Times. Advertisements


Diane Sawyer To Step Down from ‘World News’

Diane Sawyer is setting down from her position as anchor of ABC’s “World News,” but will still continue to contribute as a journalist through new programming and specials. She will be replaced by David Muir, ABC News President James Goldston announced today. “As much as she loved leading ‘World News’ to new heights … Diane

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Angie Martinez Announces New Job Switch After Leaving Hot 97

Known as “The Voice of New York,” Angie Martinez announced yesterday that she was leaving radio station Hot 97 in a statement that shocked all hip-hop fans. Even though she is leaving the station after a 20-year run, she is not dropping the mic just yet. Martinez announced that she will be joining both NY

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Shaping our students: Community Schools

By: Lauren Keating In the past few years, New York has begun to see a rise in community schools. A community school is a hub that is a partnership between the school and community resources. Not only are students being educated, but they also have access to both physical and mental health services, tutoring and

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Students move less in school and gain more pounds

By: Lauren Keating As the rates of childhood obesity continue to climb, it appears like there is not enough emphasis in on physical fitness, especially in schools. With an emphasis on testing, students need to keep their minds moving throughout the school day. However, thanks to budget cuts, gym classes are often on the chopping block, as

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Standing for a Cause: Climbing Over the Obstacles of Life

By Lauren Keating   Boisterous noises bounced off the walls of Brooklyn Boulders. The rock–climbing facility was full of children attending birthday parties as athletic men and women mounted the walls, leg muscles straining in an attempt at victory found at the top. Some struggled at the challenge, while others rose to the occasion, lifting

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The heart of the Coney Island’s Polar Bear Club beats on

By: Lauren Keating The ocean inhales and drags its liquid contents backward as its waves jump high and then crash to the shore with the ocean’s exhale. There is something about the ocean that is spiritual, but perhaps it is just the spirit of Coney Island. The freshness of life fills the air, as laughter

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New Yorkers make farming their passion

Living among the steel and skyscrapers, New Yorkers might think farming just simply isn’t a way of life here. When shopping for our food, many purchase chicken from brands like Tyson and National Beef Packing Co., probably never wondering where our food really is coming from. Although the lands of green pasture seem so far

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40th anniversary of Watergate: Journalism thrives

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein became the most famous journalists in America between the years of 1972 and 1976, forever shaping investigative journalism as we know it today. Their work has inspired countless individuals to enter the field of journalism. 40 years after their uncovering of the Watergate scandal, the mark they left on journalism

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A new day in journalism: The multimedia era

Many believe that a dark cloud has hovered over journalism since the birth of the internet. Like savage vultures circling their weak prey, many people were waiting for the profession of print journalism to be devoured by the internet. But a new day has come and the industry, a once deteriorating specimen has transformed with

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