Here’s Why Hill Repeats Are Important For Runners

Runners have a love/hate relationship with hills. And while sometimes it’s an obstacle just to get motivated to lace up, adding hill repeats into regular running schedules is worth that uphill climb. For the longest time, I used to avoid hills at all costs. It’s much easier to stick to the flat lands, never going … Continue reading Here’s Why Hill Repeats Are Important For Runners


Crazy Monkey Virtual 5K Recap

In the past, I have blogged about my excitement for signing up for a virtual 5k. I have found that even though I am training for a more concrete goal—two half marathons within 4 weeks of each other—this virtual race was a great way for me to push myself during my shorter training runs. Signing … Continue reading Crazy Monkey Virtual 5K Recap

Recharge Your Run

Running the same routine can become boringly predictable. A change in scenery can go a long way when you wish to power up your run. Switching up your normal routine will introduce different elevations, surfaces, and you may feel inspired for longer or faster distances. All of these factors will make you a better runner. … Continue reading Recharge Your Run