Fitscope Is The Fitness App That Livestreams Instructor-Led Classes Virtually To Any Gym

Running on the treadmill can be so boring. But what if you were able to participate in an instructor-led class that helped motivate and guide you, all on your own time from your own gym? Fitscope is the fitness app that is making this possible. What Is Fitscope? Fitscope livestreams instructor-led classes that are designed

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Jersey Stroller Moms: The Fitness Group Every Mama Needs To Try

As a fitness enthusiast, I would try just about any kind of workout class. The problem is now that I am a mom, my schedule doesn’t always allow for me to hit the gym at any given time of the day. But I have found that attending a stroller fitness class is my favorite way

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6 Things To Know About Kickboxing Class You Wish You Did Before Starting

It took just one swing at it, and kickboxing class has already become one of my favorite classes. Kickboxing is a form of high-intensity interval training that touches calories thanks to the amount of cardio, while also building endurance, improving flexibility and coordination and increasing strength. However, this is based on how much effort the

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The Next Big Fitness Trend of 2015 Revealed

Chances are your New Year’s resolution, like most of the U.S., is to lose weight and get more fit. Each year there is the next big trend that hits the fitness community as the must-try exercise of the year. In 2012 it was the Zumba craze, which was correctly predicted by the American College of

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