The Difference Between SoulCycle and Other Gym Cycling Classes

Here's the main differences between spinning and indoor cycling, and it's worth it to buy individual classes.


Gym Motivation: How To Keep Fitness Goals Past January

You want to lose weight, tone up or add exercise into your weekly routine. You set your New Year goal, and go sign up to the gym. On the first day, it’s tough to get through the workout, but you leave feeling good. But by the time week one is over, you already are struggling … Continue reading Gym Motivation: How To Keep Fitness Goals Past January

Happy March: New Month, New Goals

Happy March everyone! Even though we were hit with some snow yesterday, I have faith that warmer weather is upon the horizon. I saw an Instagram photo yesterday that reminded me that bathing suit season is only 12 weeks away. While I am not one to be hung up on how much I resemble a … Continue reading Happy March: New Month, New Goals

Are The Best Runs the Ones We Don’t Want to Do?

Last night I was more than fine with not going for a run. Everyone needs a rest day right? After running 6 miles the day before (spilt between a morning and evening run), I decided to give my body a little break knowing that I am going to the gym tonight for weight training (and … Continue reading Are The Best Runs the Ones We Don’t Want to Do?

Life Lessons: “Is It The End of the World?”

Yesterday’s workout made be feel so strong. This made me think about what makes us weak. After work last night, I hit the gym working out primarily my triceps, a little bicep action, and lower abs. To be honest, I wasn’t that thrilled about running on the treadmill, but stretched and started my sweat sess. … Continue reading Life Lessons: “Is It The End of the World?”

Perfect night for a run

Sometimes it is okay to quit. What I really mean is taking time off. There is a difference between giving up and giving your body a rest. Defeat is succumbing to the voice inside telling you it is too hard, that you are not strong enough, that you are too tired. Winning is listening to … Continue reading Perfect night for a run

Casual Running Picture Challenge

When working towards a goal, especially a fitness-orientated goal, we find that we must challenge both our bodies and our minds. The body will learn the rhythm of the constant contracting of muscles in orchestrated movement. Your mind will repeat lyrical motivational mantras to the beat of your drumming heart. Runners are constantly on a … Continue reading Casual Running Picture Challenge