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Campfire S’mores GU Is What Running Nutrition Dreams Are Made Of

Runners, I have finally found a new energy gel flavor to get excited about. It’s called Campfire S’mores, and it tastes exactly how it sounds. Expect that initial creamy chocolately-ness followed by clouds of caramel with that hint of graham cracker without the crunch. It’s basically made to be enjoyed while exploring through the great

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Best Running Gear This Summer

You set out for your daily run, securing your laces and getting that final stretch in. Your feet begin rise and fall, your chest mirroring this movement with each breath. Sometimes all you need to run is the desire to run. Some runners don’t even get to sprinting in shoes. Others lace up their old

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A Good Night’s Run

After a long day, the last thing I wanted to do was go for my night’s run. While on my commute home, I saw a friend post a Facebook status about signing up for a half marathon in October. This got my runners senses tingling. After asking which half she signed up for, I found

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