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How To Lose Pregnancy Weight When You Can’t Workout Yet

Two things were working for me when it came to my pregnancy size: my height and the fact that I was in shape and active before expecting. But just because I carried well doesn’t mean that I didn’t gain pregnancy weight. In fact, I gained 32 pounds during this pregnancy. And like every other mama

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How To Get Pre-Baby Body Back

One of the best parts of pregnancy is being able to indulge in cravings with little to no guilt. Then the baby comes and reality sets in that we can no longer eat whatever we want all the time.  But with the proper nutrition and exercise, it is possible to get that pre-baby body back.

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Neck Pain When Doing Crunches? Here’s What To Do

Abs might be made in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to work out these muscles. But one of the most common complaints about doing crunches is experiencing neck pain when working out our core. So how do we fix it? Experiencing neck pain when getting in ab work means that we

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Is Stretching So Important? Stretching Before vs. After A Workout

Sometimes just showing up at the gym or setting out for a run is work in itself it. And while props to us all who stay committed to our healthy lifestyles even on days when we don’t want to, we might find ways to take short cuts and just get a quick workout in. That

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