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Even Small Accomplishments Can Have A Huge Impact On Your Fitness Goals

When it comes to your fitness routine, no small accomplishment should go unnoticed. Even if it’s a tiny victory, it’s one baby step closer to reaching your goals or maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Throughout the day, there are plenty of chances to quit, to make an unhealthy choice, or to “give up” on

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Half Marathon Training Week 1: Guilt And Goals

I can proudly say that week 1 of half marathon has been completed! Even though I am just one short week into training, I have already had many mixed emotions about traveling down this journey again. For a few weeks before deciding to go for it, I was toying around with the idea. It was

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High-tech t-shirts track men’s health

Men have a new reason to show off their muscles gym attire thanks to biometric technology. While smart watches and fit bands, which provide vital signs and oxygen levels, have been the fitness lovers go-to gadget, tracking your health is now as easy (and high-tech) as putting on a shirt. Innovative clothing company, OMsignal, introduced

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