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Babies Who Get Dirty Are Healthy

Babies crawling to chase after bugs or the family pet are off to a healthy start. According to a new study, babies who are exposed to household dirt, pollen, and pet dander have a lower risk of developing asthma or allergies. The study published June 6 in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology found

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Urban Farming: The Past and Present

As a New Yorker, we are creatures of the concrete jungle. But even though the gifts of exquisite, man-made architecture surround our habitat, the gifts of nature are also vibrantly present. It’s easy for our minds to be often robotic and on auto-pilot. We sometimes begin to step in time and think industriously, like many factories and

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New Yorkers make farming their passion

Living among the steel and skyscrapers, New Yorkers might think farming just simply isn’t a way of life here. When shopping for our food, many purchase chicken from brands like Tyson and National Beef Packing Co., probably never wondering where our food really is coming from. Although the lands of green pasture seem so far

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