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Give A ‘Like,’ Get A Like

Hey readers! I just wanted to take the time about to personally thank you all for reading my blog as of late. I am working really hard to continue to provide relevant, fun, informative content on a regular basis. I am on a mission to continue to build my readership, both on my blog and

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Owners Send Doggie Pics Cheer Up Teen Battling Cancer In Viral Campaign

We all know the power of a social media campaign that goes viral (We all remember the the ALS Ice bucket Challenge). And this one will surely melt your heart. A woman started a Facebook even asking pet owners to send pictures of dogs to cheer up her friend’s 16-year-old son who is battling cancer.

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Facebook Conducts ‘Emotional’ Contagion Experiment

Facebook held a study to see whether or not the type of content that is on their newsfeeds affected their user’s moods. In 2012, for the duration of one week, researchers of Facebook tweaked hundred of thousands of user’s news feeds to either be more positive or negative than usual. After adjusting the news feeds,

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