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The Benefits Of Drinking Water You Didn’t Know

There are so many benefits to drinking water. But I bet you didn’t know these things. Nothing tastes and feels better than an ice-cold glass of water after a workout. And while you know that we should be drinking water before, during and after a run or other exercise, many of us fail to drink

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What Is Blue Majik? The ‘Magic’ Immunity and Energy Boost You Need To Try

We all know that there is no magic pill to make us healthy and fit. But that doesn’t mean we should sleep on the fact that there are supplements out there that can increase our energy, help to improve our immune system, jump start metabolism to aid in weight loss and easy anxiety and stress.

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4 Workout Routines You Can Do During Your Lunch Hour

4 Workout Routines You Can Do During Your Lunch Hour By Jessica Remitz for Discover and Play If trying to fit time for exercise into your already-packed schedule seems impossible, consider setting lunch dates with yourself every week. Use this time to break up your day with a quick sweat session at the gym or

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