Toddler Boy Bedroom: Disney Cars Themed

“I am speed.” This is among the many phrases that repeat constantly in the background at my house. That’s because my son is obsessed with the move Disney Cars 3—and the entire series. He asks to watch it daily and won’t leave the house without one of the countless cars he has from the movie. … Continue reading Toddler Boy Bedroom: Disney Cars Themed


This Is What It Feels Like To Sign Up For The Disney Princess Half Marathon

I can barely hold my excitement in. I am about to bust as my grin grows Cheshire cat in length. I am screaming in happiness on the inside to not wake my sleeping toddler who is on my chest. My fingers are twirling along through the registering form. “Thank you for registering.” Reading this feels … Continue reading This Is What It Feels Like To Sign Up For The Disney Princess Half Marathon

Measles Outbreak Started In Disneyland

Disneyland is one of the happiest places on Earth for both adults and children alike, but those who visited the California-based theme park during the holidays may not be so happy to hear their health may be at risk. According to the California Department of Public Health, nine cases of the measles has been linked … Continue reading Measles Outbreak Started In Disneyland

Week 3 Half Marathon Training

July 14-20th:  Week three of my training proved to be the hardest yet. This was not because there was more runs or because they were longer distance. It was because I went away on vacation, making sticking to the program a huge challenge. This week consisted of missing quite a few runs. I packed for … Continue reading Week 3 Half Marathon Training