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Sweet Potato Noodle And Thai Peanut Shrimp Recipe

I love to eat healthy, but often get bored of the same few go-to dinner dishes I always cook. And with a baby always needing me the second I get hungry myself, making quick and easy recipes are a top priority. That’s when I decided to take out my Spiralizer again, this time switching up

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Best Ways To Cook Healthy

There are many different levels of cooking. There are the cooks that know to make a mean instant mac-and-cheese and whip up a microwave dinner in minutes, and then those who can create culinary masterpieces buffet style with all the trimmings. Even if you aren’t a professional in the kitchen, cooking healthier is so easy

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Get Your Family Out the Door on Time

Get Your Family Out the Door on Time By Jennifer Kelly Geddes for Discover and Play   The dog needs walking, the kids are hungry and you can’t find your car keys. Sound familiar? Well, you’re very much not alone. But take heart: The a.m. rush does not have to send you over the edge.

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Thursday Taco Dinner

When people inquire about my unique food preferences—such as my favorite meal,cheese & tomato sandwiches—they predictably allows says, “Oh, you’re a vegetarian.” Though I have dabbled in a diet sans meat, my love for fish and chicken always has be coming back for a bite. “No, I just eat chicken and fish,” I routinely reply.

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What does eating clean really mean?

We all know that eating healthy means avoiding sugary snacks and sodas and eating more fruits and vegetables, but what does it mean to eat clean? Eating clean is not a specific diet. It is more a way of life and lifestyle change. Those who eat clean eat whole foods that are unrefined. This means

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