What Is The Best Way To Burn Belly Fat?

Winter weather just makes us want to stay indoors and munch on snacks all day long. Hey, we do need an extra layer to stay warm, but that doesn't mean we should complete lose sight of our fitness goals. Summer beach bodies are made in the winter, so keep thinking of shorts season as a … Continue reading What Is The Best Way To Burn Belly Fat?


Finding the Right Yoga for You

By Caitlin Boyle for Discover and Play Practiced for thousands of years by billions of people, yoga is an umbrella term for many styles that suit different needs and appeal to different people. Here’s a breakdown of the five most common types of yoga practiced in America: Hatha:  Hatha yoga is the perfect style for … Continue reading Finding the Right Yoga for You

Queens half marathon race recap

I was so pumped up yesterday morning before the Queens half marathon—that was after I had serious second doubts. The past two weeks were light on training, but I still felt really prepared to run for over 2 hours for a total of 13.1 miles. But after a short weekend (since the race was Sunday) … Continue reading Queens half marathon race recap

Half marathon training week eight

My next half marathon is only 20 days away causing me to feel extremely proud of how hard I’ve worked and shocked that I only have a few days left before the Big Day. Sunday, Aug. 17 started the week off strong with a 10-mile run. I had an average pace of 13:16 min/mi, which … Continue reading Half marathon training week eight

Twice as Many Teens Using Human Growth Hormones

Teens rage on with roids. The number of teens using synthetic human growth hormones (hGH) and other performance enhancing drugs has increased from 5% to 11% in just one year. The survey from the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids asked 3,705 boys and girls if they have ever used hGH without a prescription. The results not … Continue reading Twice as Many Teens Using Human Growth Hormones

How to Get Beach Body Ready

Top 5 Tips To Get Bikini Body Toned Saturday was the official first day of summer, and while the temperatures start to sizzle, your mood might be a bit blue if you feel like you are not ready to show off your summer body. While we should embrace of bodies, no matter what size or … Continue reading How to Get Beach Body Ready

What is a ‘Spornosexual’ Man? Top World Cup Spornosexual Fútbol Players

Walking down the busy streets of New York City, it is hard not to pass the perfectly dapper dude. He is lean and tall, muscles slighting bulging from his ironed button down shirt. His pompadour hairdo leaves no strain out of place, not taking away from his strikingly flawless skin. He is well-groomed, well-depressed, and … Continue reading What is a ‘Spornosexual’ Man? Top World Cup Spornosexual Fútbol Players