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Can You Use Salicylic Acid When Breastfeeding?

There are some expectant mothers who are blessed with the clearest skin while pregnant, while the change in hormones causes others to be cursed with acne. But now that your baby is born, you might be wondering if it is now safe to use salicylic acid—especially if you are breastfeeding. What Is Salicylic Acid? If

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Rose Water Face Mask: Is It Worth A Try?

I am a sucker for a good face mask. There is something so relaxing about applying a mask to one’s face, and like magic once it’s one a person is instantly taken into a spa-like mentality. I mostly use a face mask before a big event to prep my skin to look flawless under the

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Best natural remedies to cure acne

Let’s face it, acne is embarrassing. But like it or not, we must live in the skin we are in. Luckily, there are ways to prevent and treat acne outbreaks by using all natural remedies that will leave you skin glowing—without using pore-clogging chemicals. Pop quiz? What causes acne? Pimples pop up when oil and

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Acne Treatment Products Have Serious Side Effects

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned yesterday that certain cover-the-counter acne treatments could cause serious and even life-threatening reactions. Proactiv, Neutrogena, MaxClarity, Oxy, Ambi, Aveeno, and Clean & Clear are all brands that have been linked to rare reactions. They include gels, toners, face washes, and scrubs. Acne products, such as the ones just

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