Health & Fitness Coach

Thank you for reading my blog and following my own running and fitness journey. It has always been a dream of mine to inspire others enough to want to start improving their own health and fitness.

With that I am excited to announce I am now a health and fitness coach.



What that means is I will help you find a fitness program that best suits your needs and provide that accountability and mentorship to help you see success. The programs I recommend have helped so many people see real results including myself. These are the workouts I do, so you can trust they work. Plus I am right there in it with you!


This feels so natural to me to combine my love of fitness and working with people to help others reach goals.


Here is a little bit about myself. I started running in my early 20s as a way to burn calories and maintain my weight. This opened the door to living a more healthy and fit life. I quickly fell in love with the world of fitnessβ€”especially running. I struggled with poor eating habits but then I learned how to eat cleaner and portion well. I was finally fueling my body and was the healthier than I ever had been. Best of all I felt strong and had energy.

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I progressed with my running, completing 7 half marathons to date and currently training for #8 along with countless 5ks, 10ks, fun runs, mud runs, a Spartan and even a marathon relay.

coach lauren

In between there I had a baby and had to restart my running goals but came back stronger and faster than ever and started placing in races.

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I found HIIT training classes and a love for spin and kickboxing. Then I got pregnant and had my baby girl. I am now 4 months postpartum and on my own quest to loose the rest of my pregnancy weight and be fit as I was again.

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I am continuing to run and attend my favorite full-body group fitness classes but am also starting a new program to jumpstart my progress after feeling like I plateaued. Consider joining me and giving me the privilege to coach you on becoming the fittest version of yourself!

Comment below if you are ready for a health change or looking to take your fitness to the next level!


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