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What To Do If You Get Lost Or Injured While Hiking

“It’s that time of year where we all want to be outside, soaking in the sun and sucking in the fresh air. That means it’s the perfect time to hit the trails and go for a nice hike. Depending on a person’s experience, this could be anything from two to three miles on at the local park’s trails to longer treks through nature for the seasoned adventurer. But regardless of experience level, all hikers should know what to do if you get lost or injured while hiking.”


Gender Reveal Party: It’s A Girl!

So excited to announce that it’s a girl! And while finding out this news was one of the most exciting few seconds of my life, waiting for the gender reveal party was the real anticipation was. I could not wait for this party and truly enjoyed spending the time with my loved ones, sharing the

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Pregnancy Announcement Photo Idea Big Brother

In honor of Mother’s Day, sharing what we did for our pregnancy announcement for baby #2!  We absolutely wanted to include our son who is being promoted to big brother. Shirt: PenguinsPineapples | Etsy  Calendar: SilverStorkStudio | Etsy  Include your sonogram and any other touches! For the background, I used a white, fury small rug

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Here’s What It’s Like To Run A Night Nation Run 5K

Just in time for beach season, I have been on a running streak as of late. While the now warm and sunny weather has me feeling good, being consistent with my runs and fueling my body with healthy foods has me feeling even better. I noticed that for the past three weeks I’ve really been

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I’m Lovin’ It: McDonald’s Super Sizes The Love In Refreshed Ad Campaign

While we are na-na-na-na not lovin’ fast food diets when living a fit life, indulging from time to time (as long as you portion and choose the healthiest options) is okay (hey! we are only human here!). What we are loving is McDonald’s new ad campaign that is empathizing not on super sizing meals, but

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Owners Send Doggie Pics Cheer Up Teen Battling Cancer In Viral Campaign

We all know the power of a social media campaign that goes viral (We all remember the the ALS Ice bucket Challenge). And this one will surely melt your heart. A woman started a Facebook even asking pet owners to send pictures of dogs to cheer up her friend’s 16-year-old son who is battling cancer.

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10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast : T-Lounge : Tech Times

Christmas is only 3 days awaay! And while we all have fitness lovers in our life, you may not know what you get them this year. This list of gifts are perfect for fitness enthusiast. Check them out below!   10 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For The Fitness Enthusiast : T-Lounge : Tech Times.