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How To Get Rid Of Newborn Gas And Hiccups

As a first time parent, one of the most scary things is that inevitable day when your baby gets sick for the first time. And nothing is more scary than having a late fall/winter baby when flu season is in full swing. While my little bundle of joy is healthy as can be, I have

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Should I Give My Newborn A Pacifier? Mom Guilt And Reasons Why No Harm Will Be Done

Update October 2019: As a first-time mom, the world of parenting is a foreign one. But we all learn quickly. By the second baby, we feel like pros. This means a lot of the anxieties aren’t present. We learned from experience and have a clearer picture of how things will go. One of the baby items

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Running Gear Review: CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Water Bottle Solves Hydration And Storage Needs For Mid-Distance Runners

The sun smiles brightly down, warming me to the bones. My skin becomes slippery and wet as perspiration beings to drip down the side of my face. My legs are in full sprint now, muscles pronounced and stretched like rubber bands. I am on fire, feeling like I own this run. Nothing can stop me

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