2-Day BluePrint Juice Cleanse: This Is What I Learned


I just finished a 2-day BluePrint juice cleanse and I have never felt better—and never been happier now that it is over.

Let me start by saying I recommend everyone do a juice cleanse. It was my first time, and although hard at times, it was doable.

It was a challenge and taught me so much about myself, my body and my mind, as well as my diet and food choices, giving me a new outlook on nutrition.

This is what I learned during my 2-day juice cleanse.


Not All Detoxes Are Alike

I did lots of research on different juice cleansing before deciding on one offer by BluePrint. The products contain USDA certified organic, non-GMO ingredients in a blend that tastes well, making getting the juices down enjoyable.

The juices come in 16 oz bottles, and the juices are vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free. There are also no added sugars, but I was surprised to see some of the juices were high in sugar. I learned that you just can’t escape sugar, but at least it was from fruit here.

The company calls itself the “on-the-go charging station” and as a mom always on the go, I have to admit I do feel like my batteries are recharged (even without coffee for those days!).

I also chose this company’s cleanse because it was still affordable considering the high price tags on some of the best juice cleanses. A 2-day cleanse cost $130. I chose the BluePrint OG Cleanse (Renovation Cleanse), but there are other options like a sugar detox and summer body ready one.

You Need To Pre-Cleanse

I planned to start my cleanse on Tuesday, but that didn’t last long. I was waiting for the delivery and needed some form of nutrition so at lunch broke my fast but set healthy. When the delivery came I am glad I didn’t start just yet because you are supposed to pre-cleanse.

The idea is to slowly cut out caffeine, sugar, meat, and dairy from your diet before starting the cleanse. This is to start to detox from these things gradually so it isn’t a shock to the system when you go without. I wish I listened to the caffeine part of this. My advice is just to try to limit coffee if you can or else you will be feeling that headache by the end of it.

You Will Feel Hungry, But Will Feel Full

For this specific cleanse, you can only drink the provided juices in the order they want you to. There are six juices to drink throughout the day at any time you want. Just make sure to finish the last one two hours before bed. In between the juices, drink water.

If you are struggling and need something more you can have celery, cucumber slices, a quarter of an avocado, warm vegetable broth and even half a cup of black coffee.

I wanted to be at least get through 24-hours without solids and I did.

Every time hunger hit, it was time for a new juice. Because you are always sipping or drinking water you will feel full.

On Day 1 by 11 a.m. the hunger hit and there was a chunk of time where it was a challenge not to eat solids. But this is when I would do something to distract myself or drink more water.

The last two juices were hard to drink. I was full and getting down #5 was a challenge on both days. The last juice is a thicker cashew protein drink that tasted great and kept me so full.

Yes, there are times you will feel hungry, but not starved. I think knowing that you are getting all your nutrients and calories and sugar helps opposed to fasting from even liquids besides water.


Day 1 Is Harder Than Day 2

I chose a 2-day cleanse because it fit into my price range and seemed more accomplishable compared to 4- or even 6-day cleanses. I will say after day 1 I totally felt like next time I would go for a 4-day cleanse that’s how good I felt.

I thought the second day would be harder than the first because that’s a second day without solid food. But Day 2 was so much easier. I think it’s because your body is already used to not eating solids.

There was a point where I wanted to munch on something. So I reached for some celery, but I didn’t really want it. The thought of solid food wasn’t appealing. I did crave mozzarella sticks that I saw every time I opened my fridge and the smell alone of my son’s food made my mouth water.

But I was able to cook my husband dinner—which looked and smelled so good—without breaking my cleanse.

You Might Have A Headache

But I did break. Well, sort of.

I needed coffee and coffee is what I had.

I will say by the end of Day 1 a headache was forming. But I was visiting a friend and we both had to keep yelling at our toddlers to behave. She assured me she had one too so that it wasn’t the cleanse.

But on Day 2 around 4 p.m., my head was pounding. I believe it was the lack of caffeine that I am so addicted to. I need a cup to start my day and often have another later in the day.

I hate needed anything, so was happy to go without it. But the headache was intense and I needed to get work done, study, and take care of two kids so coffee it was. I took a sip black and gross so I had to add a teaspoon of creamer. I know I cheated, but why torture myself? So I had two sips and threw it down the drain.

I did feel better and was able to continue headache free.

The Taste


I love that BluePrint juices taste good. The Kale It Up one even grew on me. I loved the Lemon Reset and Pineapple Power the best.

The Beet Blast was my least favorite and I didn’t even finish that one on Day 2.

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Things I Learned

Hunger didn’t last
By the time I felt hungry it was time for another juice.

I Felt Healthy Inside
I felt like my body was healing itself on the inside, getting the nutrients it was missing.

I Had Energy
Despite not eating solids I had the energy to even do some light weights for an arm and ab workout.
I was able to function (for the most part) without caffeine

My Skin Changes
My skin felt less oily as it tends to get later on in the day.
I did notice I was breaking out a bit by the end of Day 2, but think it was the toxins leaving my body

It’s More Mind Over Matter
It’s all a mind game. You can go without solids.

I Lost Weight
I lost 6.5 pounds in two days! I was shocked and still in disbelief that I lost that much. I think it’s mostly weight water since you are going to the bathroom all day long. But I am so close now to reaching my pre-baby weight.

I Would Do It Again
It might have felt like torture at times when I wanted something to eat, but it was overall had great results that I would do it again.

I Realized My Diet Is Lacking
This experience made me realize that my diet has been lacking in the fruit and veggies. This made me add more to my diet and I am happy about that.

I Am Dependent On Caffeine And Sugar
I want to be better about my caffeine and sugar cravings and will think twice about my consumption now.

I recommend the BluePrint Organic juice cleanse. Get yours here.


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  1. This is a good read. What did you do to distract yourself when the hunger hit? Is there an activity that consistently helped take your mind away from it?

    1. I have two small kids, so was easily distracted by them! I did some light arm exercises to keep my mind off of hunger that first day and the second day went to hang out with a friend. It really took my mind off it.

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