Cadenshae Maternity Leggings Review: Workout Pants Great For Pregnancy And After


The struggle is real when trying to fit into workout leggings when pregnant. And this remains true after having your baby. This why I such a fan of maternity leggings from the fitness apparel company Cadenshae.

These workout leggings are great for when expecting and even after.

Although I did not try these leggings until after my baby was born, I quickly learned to appreciate them. These became one of my favorite leggings to wear in those early days postpartum—especially after having a c-section.

Not only did none of my pre-pregnancy leggings fit, but I also found that clothing that did fit irritated or hurt my incision. This is why I lived in maternity pants still—and why I was excited to wear Cadenshae leggings even though I was no longer pregnant.

Cadenshae review

Fit And Sizing

To be honest, putting the leggings on made me a little nervous the first time. It. Seemed like these pants were not going to fit, going on snugly on my legs. But the fabric stretches really well. They hugged my legs perfectly without feeling like I couldn’t breathe, becoming a second skin

The fabric itself is like butter. It’s so soft to the touch. These are high-quality leggings, to say the least. The fabric isn’t sheer so I can no worries bending down and squatting when I returned to my workout classes.

I will say that the leggings did feel a little snug around my torso, the top of the band not the belly part. I noticed this the most when sitting for a long time, but have to note that I am very tall at 5’9” and still had 20lbs to lose in order to get to my pre-baby weight when wearing these. I think that if I were my normal size there would be more comfortable at that top and part, so you might want to size up to better fit your changing body.

The Classic Black leggings are available in sizes XS to XXL.

Keep in mind that I don’t mean the actual belly section. I could imagine having lots of room to grow in them. So being pregnant in them would be super comfortable. I would only size up if you like having a little extra room.

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I will add that as I continued to lose weight and start working out again, I wore these leggings a lot and no longer noticed them feeling really snug on. They have great movement and stretch for workouts.

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The Cadenshae Classic Black maternity leggings are available in full pants or three-quarter options. They look great on, simple black and silky to touch.

The design is flattering for the butt and almost makes the legs look slimmer from a side view.

At the core of these leggings is its waistband/compression panel feature that is designed to expand with growing bellies. It can be worn up or folded down for that extra support. This makes them great for before, during, and after pregnancy.

They absolutely won’t slip down. This isn’t a problem here, which why I think the top part of the band was a little more snug fitting after a while on me. It’s needed to be form-fitting in order for the pants not to slip down, so I much rather feel a little snug in them than them fall down.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.42.59 PM
The best part for me was being able to wear leggings that didn’t rub against my c-section scar. The fabric scoops low to avoid any irritation here. I was able to be in cute and comfortable pants and not be in pain to let that heal.

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Cadenshae’s Classic Black leggings are sold for $75. This is comparable to other high-quality activewear brands and absolutely worth its price tag for expecting mamas. It’s just so hard to find activewear when pregnant that is comfortable so this is an option worth checking out.

I forgot after having my son just how long it takes for a c-section incision to heal. And my baby weight didn’t just fall off me as it did with him this time around. That meant I was reaching for leggings like these to wear because they fit and feel comfortable to be in. This makes a pair like Cadenshae’s leggings a great investment because mom can wear both during pregnancy and after.

Pick up a pair of Cadenshae Classic Black leggings here.



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