goodboody goodmommy Leggings Are The Supportive Maternity Pants Pregnant Runners Need

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The maternity activewear brand goodbody goodmommy just released an updated version of its popular maternity leggings and these are seriously the pair that every pregnant mom-to-be needs. And this is especially true for expecting runners and women who enjoy working out.

One of the biggest problems I faced during my first pregnancy was finding workout leggings that were comfortable for my growing belly, yet still had the support needed. This exactly what goodbody goodmommy leggings provides.

And I am so happy that during my second pregnancy I had these to wear during runs when running around town– and even when just lounging around the house.

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The “It Factor”

These maternity leggings have what other options are missing: a built-in support belt.

“The belt differentiates these leggings from everything else on the market right now,” good body goodmommy creator Erin Howard said. “It really makes a world of difference for an active lifestyle.”

The patented support belt is these leggings’ main selling feature—and it does not disappoint. Howard, a marathoner and mommy of four kids, found that maternity leggings lacked in both breathability and support for running. So she designed these leggings that have a support belt seamlessly integrated into the design.

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“Whether you’re running, hiking, or just walking around the city all day, the belt inside our pants will provide gentle support to help keep you comfortable for longer,” she said. “As you know, this makes a huge difference in your day and your stamina when you’re pregnant.”

While the original goodbody goodmommy leggings had the support belt, the newly updated pants made improvements to make this feature even better.

“The belt is much more supportive on our newer leggings,” Howard said. “We heard from customers far and wide that they were looking for a more supportive belt. So we worked with our manufacturer to find the right combination of materials to create a belt that was more supportive, but still comfortable and flexible.”


These are classic black leggings that feature a stretch panel for a growing baby bump that is worn over the belly. Attached to the fabric is the support belt that wraps from one side the hips and stretches across the front to the other hip using velcro to stay in place.

The belt this time is thicker and provides more support by lifting the belly up to relieve pressure from the back.

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And because of its one of a kind patented design, consumers don’t need to worry about the belt looking lumpy or strange under clothes or even having to buy a separate support belt.

“They [the leggings] help some provide relief without the bulkiness of an additional support belt,” Howard said. “Perfect for women who want some more comfort, but don’t need to wear a full support belt day in and day out.”

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The Fabric

Another of the changes made to the goodbody goodmommy maternity leggings is improvements to the fabric.

The original fabric was super soft, but thinner compared to the updated pants. The leggings now are super soft and thicker,

“We looked far and wide to find fabric that was ideal for working out, but also thick enough to provide some coverage and support, and matte enough to be worn inside the gym and as regular leggings,” Howard said.

As a result, good body good mommy found the perfect soft to touch fabric that is so comfortable on that it makes it wearable all day long.

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“This means it will hold up over time better— in the wash, in wearing, etc.,” Howard said. “It will also help better hide any imperfections and create a more forgiving garment.”

These leggings look so good on and feel great too. I loved curling up on the couch with them on, wearing them to run errands like food shopping where I needed some support and of course when running.

“They’re ideal for working out, or being on your feet all day,” said Howard.

Even though they are thick enough to not be see-through, these maternity leggings are still really breathable. I ran in these even in the summer heat without feeling overly sticky or sweaty in them.


The company also made slight adjustments to the sizing so that the length of the leggings aren’t too long.

These pants are really stretchy and made to grow with your belly. The company’s website features a sizing guide, but I found that I could actually size down and still fit into the pair. But these are pretty true to size.

I wore these leggings in my second and third trimester. These are also perfect for after delivery when we need those stretchy pants still and soft fabric that won’t irritate a cc-section incision. Plus the belt can be used to suck everything together, perfect for recovery.

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Made For Mom With Love

If I didn’t love these leggings enough, I love the fact that they are created from a mom with moms in mind.

“We’re a small business. We’re woman-owned and we make our products in the USA,” Howard said. “So when you buy products from us, you’re not supporting a corporation. You’re supporting a series of women people who are working hard in the tri-state region to bring you clothing you want and need.”
Goodbody goodmommy maternity leggings with supportive belt are available for $89. Get yours here.


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