5 Toddler Fitness Classes In NJ That Are Fun


I have a very active toddler. So I know toddler fitness classes.

It is typical to have a 3-year-old boy that bounces off the walls at times. But my son literally runs around in circles for fun. He is a ball of energy and is used to being out and about with me trying new things.

Which is why I pretty much became an expert in toddler classes.

I am all about being a positive role model for my kids when it comes to living a healthy and fit life. And fitness can be fun! This is why I encourage my little guy to try new sports and actives that get him moving.

Here are the 5 best toddler classes in NJ that are both fun and promote fitness.

5 toddler fitness classes

Soccer Shots

I signed my son up for Soccer Shots when he was just shy of 2-years-old. I admit he was a bit young for it at the time. But he is now at the perfect age to participate. Because classes are grouped from 2-3-year-olds, he now is among the oldest in the class which allows him to shine both verbally and physically.

Just don’t expect this to be full-on soccer matches.

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Instead, Soccer Shots introduces little ones to the fundamentals of the sport but presents it in a fun way. This includes doing “tick-tock like a clock” for small, controlled kicks and pretending to be an airplane while balancing one foot on the ball.

Each child gets to score goals and the program encourages teamwork. Kids learn discipline, how to listen to directions and get to run around.

Soccer Shots is offered throughout NJ. Check the website for a location near you.


I am all about Gymboree. I started my son when he was just 6-months-old and some of his (and my) dearest friendships were made there.

In fact, he enjoyed it so much we traveled 40 minutes to class once a week each way just to attend. And he moved up in classes as he aged, ended when it was time for pre-school (although there is a pre-school readiness class offered).

Gymboree is just so much fun for little ones. There is bubble time, parachute time, songs, and dancing. Each class is themed and the older ones focus more on pretend play which is great for creativity.

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And this is all while climbing on the equipment. There are soft mats on the ground and part of the obstacle course (which changes often to keep things exciting), so you don’t have to worry about falling and getting hurt.

This is great for helping babies crawl and roll over and for toddlers mastering stairs.

Find a Gymboree class here.

My Little Gym

If we weren’t huge Gymboree fans then I would take my son to My Little Gym every week. We did do a trial class and he absolutely loved it. I just felt like it was a bit close to Gymboree when it came to climbing and presenting exercise in a fun way.

However, where Gymboree emphasizes more on the play My Little Gym focuses more on the fitness aspect. This includes hanging from rings like a gymnast, tumbling, and even going on a baby treadmill.

Find a My Little Gym location near you here.

Toys and Activities at Crayola

Healthy Kids Run Series

I already told you my son runs around the house non-stop, so I just had to find him some form of track. That’s when I came upon the Healthy Kids Running Series.

It’s a five-week running program that takes place in the fall and spring that includeskids dashes and goes up to the 8th grade.

It includes a warm-up with their age group that includes fun activities like Simon Says to get them stretched and ready to race.

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Then they line up and run 50 yards and each week compete for the top 3 spots at the end of the season. At the end of the program, the top finishers get a special award, but all who runreceive a medal for their hard work.

Sign up for the next race season with Healthy Kids Running Series here.

Goldfish Swim School

This is a great program to introduce toddlers to swimming. Kids go into the water with their parents or guardian without swimmies to teach them how to get comfortable in the water. Skills are taught like what to do if they fall into the pool and how the basics of swimming like kicking legs and pulling with the arms.

This is presented in a fun way with songs and pool toys. There are even open play times where kids can free swim.

As the toddler progresses in the class they can move up to the next level. Eventually, they will swim without needing a parent in the water.

Find a Goldfish Swim School location near you.

Bonus: Trampoline Places

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Although there aren’t exact classes for toddlers, indoor trampoline places do offer “toddler times” that are open just for little ones so that older kids aren’t bouncing them around. These times are often offered at a discounted rate.

There are establishments like Get Air in Freehold, Urban Air in Milltown, Sky Zone in Woodbridge and Rebounderz in Edison just to name a few.


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  1. There are so many great ideas here! My daughter absolutely loves Gymboree as well, it’s so much fun! I’m also considering enrolling her for swimming when she’s a bit older too!

    1. Gymboree is so good for them! I am about to enroll my daughter as well. I think swimming is best when they are a little bit older, but there are babies who are amazing swimmers since it like being inside the womb!

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