What Is The Best Running Pace For Beginners?

The best running pace for beginners should be a pace that feels comfortable, at least 12 to 13 minutes per mile.

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Running seems like an easy way to work out in theory. But beginners quickly find that it takes a whole lot of motivation, physical endurance, and mental grit to stick with it. Those who do are off to a great start. But you might be wondering what is the best pace to run when you are a beginner?

The short answer is this is subjective.

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The “best pace” for you as a beginner runner is whatever the more comfortable pace for you is.

While it’s good to push the pace during a run when working on speed, running too fast, in general, isn’t a good idea. This leads to burning out and potential injury. So setting an unrealistically fast pace isn’t ideal.

This best pace is the comfortable pace it takes to finish a mile. Keep in mind that the more miles ran, often the slower the pace.


What Really Is A Beginner Pace?

Those who really want to put a number to this should read on. Considering the fact that a fast walk is around 15 minutes per mile, then a beginner pace should at least 12 to 13 minutes per mile.

However, this can including taking breaks to walk.

Using the run/walk method of running for about 3 minutes then walking for a minute is a great way for beginners to get started running.

Not A Pace For All

Every runner is different and progresses when it comes to speed differently.

For some, it might take time before they shave seconds off their comfortable pace. These runners might want to look into a speed training plan that includes various types of running workouts to help increase speed.

Then there are others who find that their beginner pace is around 11 to 10 minutes per mile. Some start off even faster.


Many factors play a role in this include the level of fitness that person has.

Listen to your body and start off at the pace that feels right for you. Try not to get too obsessed with the

How do you even know what your running pace is?

Technology has made it really easy for runners today thanks to smartwatches. Use your Apple Watch or Fitbit or invest in a running watch like a Garmin to be able to see the current pace in real-time.

Or you can always do it the old fashion way and use a stopwatch if you have mile markers.


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