This Mom Uses Gummy Cuties To Solve Picky Eater Toddler Problems

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“How is his diet,” a fellow mom of a 3-year-old asked?

This was the start of the same conversation that came up multiple times at a recent toddler birthday party.

Us moms reminisced about the times when our kids ate healthy meals filled with fresh vegetables sautéed, pureed or served raw. 

In fact, my son loved eating zucchini and squash, sweet potato and carrots and now the closest thing I can get him to do is to eat a fruit and veggie toddler bar or sneak spinach and other vegetables into a smoothie.

And I’m not alone.

The consensus among my mom tribe was that none of the toddlers are willingly eating their vegetables. Finding healthy meal ideas for kids is a challenge when they live off of chicken nuggets and pizza. 

And while the picky eater problems come with toddler territory, I am happy that my son does get all the vitamins and minerals he needs thanks to Gummy Cuties vitamins. 


Gummy Cuties Save The Day 

When it comes to getting all his daily recommended vitamins and minerals this mom isn’t freaking out. I make sure to give him his Gummy Cuties chewable vitamins each morning with breakfast.

It’s the first thing he picks up on his plate because he thinks his cool mom is serving him candy for breakfast. 

There are benefits for both the child and for mom. 


These supplements for kids are a great way to get in vitamins needed—especially toddlers who often are lacking some nutrients because of limited foods consumed. These gummies taste great and the toddler never even suspects that these are vitamins.

This mom uses Gummy Cuties because it is all-natural and non-GMO. They are also dairy- and egg-free, among the best vitamins for kids with allergies or intolerances as well as those following a vegan diet. It is also peanut-free so there is no worrying about that allergy either.

Gummy Cuties have a few products. I started with the multivitamin for my toddler, which contains 1000 IU of vitamin A, 300 IU of vitamin D, 100 mcg of folic acid, 1.3 mg of zinc, and 1.5 mcg of vitamin B-12 just to name a few. 

Then there are other specific supplement options like the Gummy Cuties Omega-3 DHA/EPA, which are packed with essential fatty acids. Chances are your toddler isn’t eating salmon like mine won’t, so this is a great alternative. Plus it promotes healthy brain development with 50 mg of DHA.


There is also a probiotics option for healthy bellies and calcium and vitamin D option—which is ideal for toddlers who won’t (or can’t) drink milk.

One of my favorites is the Echinacea blend with vitamin C and zinc that supports a healthy immune system. And with my toddler in pre-school now and it being flu season, any little thing helps when it comes to making sure he remains healthy.

The Pros To These Vitamins

My toddler always eats these without a problem every day as opposed to taking other medicine when sick. This is because they are gummies that are easy to chew and taste great. 

The brand presents toddlers with adorable characters on the package, making them a friendly face that provides a level of trust. My son loves seeing Meeka the cat on the Calcium bottle and gets excited to have strong bones like her. 


And I trust in the brand because these supplements contain no harmful ingredients. Plus I have the peace of mind that my little one is getting all his nutrients even when having a day filled with chicken nuggets and French fries. 

I also like that Gummy Cuties are affordable at just $14.99 per bottle. And since my 3-year-old only requires one gummy per serving, the bottle lasts. 

Parents can purchase these toddler vitamins by visiting Gummy Cuties.


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