What All Runners Can Learn From ‘Brittany Runs A Marathon’


The movie Brittany Runs A Marathon is now available on Amazon Prime.

And while many already rushed to see it in select theaters, the rest of us can now (ironically) enjoy it from the comfort of our own couch.

At the heart of the plot is the story of an unhappy and unhealthy woman on a journey to get her life together, using the NYC Marathon as her major goal to work towards.

Staring as Jillian Bell as Brittany Forgler, our heroine finds that running is the catalyst that helps her get on the road to a “better” life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t hit speed bumps along the way.

In fact, she even suffers from major disappointments in her life and is left derailed and left to pick up the pieces.


But like any runner, she rises to the occasion, always keep that marathon finish in her vision.

Here’s what makes Brittany Runs A Marathon great:

It has that “real” factor that consists of a very relatable main character. This isn’t a running movie about a track star who was born to go the distance. It’s an overweight mid-20-something woman who starts running because she is sick of being fat and too cheap to get that gym membership.

We common struggles like being tempted to go out and drink with friends instead of resting for the mornings run. And have a sense of pride when Brittany’s metamorphosis includes her polite decline because “she has running group in the morning.”

The audience sees her making healthy food choices, but also having no problems having that burger and fries—and loving every bite.

We can sympathize with this character because we all were beginners at one point. We all had that person in our lives who considered us not a “real” or “serious” runner. We all have crossed paths with someone who thought we sign up for 5ks (“marathons” to them) with the hopes to “win.”

The movie isn’t perfect when it comes to showing reasons why we run or the best running practices (Brittany wearing Converses, come on?)

But here is what all runners can learn from watching Brittany Runs A Marathon.


You Don’t Need To Run Fast To Be A Runner

Finally, a movie that focuses on a runner that is in the back of the pack! A 12-minute mile is just as long as a 9-minute mile. So yes, if you are running, you are a runner.

It’s important to show the world that not all runners are fast elites that set records. Most of us are everyday people that enjoy (or eventually learn to enjoy) going for a run.

The Value Of Our Running Friends

Our running friends are among our best friends. This is why joining a running group is so beneficial.

This is the place to meet other like-minded people who are all chasing similar goals. Running groups usually have people at all paces.

And some of the best friendships are developed over those countless miles ran together.

Our running friends get us in ways other friends can’t because they know what it’s like to work hard. We often have the same struggles and celebrate the same wins.

The Importance Of Setting Goals

Brittany Runs A Marathon reminds all runners just how important it is to set goals.

And while a marathon might not be on everyone’s bucket list, it is possible to go from unfit to a marathon finisher with the right training. You too can run a marathon.

But more than this large goal, we see our likable heroine set smaller goals like completing a half marathon along the way. These smaller goals helped her to stick to her main game plan and continue on her running journey.

Runner Can Still Have A Life

Runner know all about sacrificing. This means skipping drinks on the weekend for a race the next morning or not going to eat at that restaurant because it will do damage to your diet.

But we also learn from Brittany Runs A Marathon that runners still very much so can make time to have a social life.

This is a reminder that sometimes we can have that glass of wine or enjoy that less than healthy meal because we deserve it.

You can make friends outside of running and date others who don’t have an interest in it either but remain supportive in your journey. So yes, dating is possible even when training for a marathon.

The Scale Isn’t As Important As How You Feel

Many runners start running to lose weight like Brittany. However, this movie teaches us the important lesson that the number on the scale doesn’t define the person we are. You can be fat and healthy and thin and unhappy.

What is more important is how you feel on the inside. So put that scale away and instead lace up just because you know it makes you feel good, not because running X miles will burn X calories.

Running A Marathon Is Hard

Not every runner is a marathoner or has the goal of running one. So this movie shows us what we already know— running a marathon is hard.

It isn’t easy to run 26.2 miles, especially when cramping occurs or the runner starts to hit the wall. This is why your mind has to be stronger than the body and have that inner will to keep pushing on to finish the race.

This movie serves as a great way to have an appreciation for all marathons out there.

Finishing A Marathon Is So Rewarding

Runners also learn that finishing a marathon is probably among the best feelings in the world. Non-marathoners can’t help but beam with pride for our Brittany and still connect with how she is feeling in that very moment.

What Non-Runners Should Know

Brittany Runs A Marathon provides a realistic depiction of what it’s like for one woman to go from lazy and unhealthy to a motivated runner. But this is one story.

So this is what you should know.

You don’t need to be overweight to start running. While weight loss is a reason why many people start running, it’s not the only reason.

You also don’t need to have running marathon as a major goal to want to take up running. Be like Brittany and just get out there down the block. You don’t need to have a desire for races to become a runner.

Not all runners need to change every part of their life. You don’t need to be unhappy or unhealthy to start running. You don’t need to get rid of friends or change jobs and apartments just because you are a runner now.

What we all learn from Brittany Runs A Marathon is that we should strive to be the best versions of ourselves, that self-love is the best love, and that we can do anything we set our minds to.

Watch Brittany Runs A Marathon on Prime now.


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  1. I am in the last 3 minutes of this movie and really enjoyed it. I have also just very recently started running (I weigh what Brittany does in the movie!), I find a renewed energy and find it helps so much to go out when I’m frustrated. Recommend this movie, and getting off the sofa and going for a run!

    1. So glad you enjoyed it too, and so excited that you started running! I love watching a relatable movie to boost motivation and to know that we all start somewhere. Keep on running!

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