FitTrack Is The Smart Scale That Is More About Being Healthy Than Weight Loss

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Stepping on a scale is a scary thing. I don’t care if you are super fit and healthy or looking to lose weight. But FitTrack is a smart scale that makes me actually look forward to using one.

Call me crazy, I know. But I focus much more on the other insights FitTrack provides me other than how much I weigh.

The FitTrack Smart Scale is more about showing users how they can improve their health than anything else. 


Of course, it is a great way to monitor weight for those whose goal is weight loss. But that’s not all it does.

“FitTrack helps our users do that by showing them how far they’ve come since they started, but it also helps them see a bigger picture of what’s happening to their bodies,” FitTrack Marketing Coordinator Christina Yang said.

Why I Use FitTrack 

Those who know or follow me know that I am currently expecting.

Currently, in my third trimester, I’ve been stepping on the scale a lot. And even more so now that my doctor appointments are closer together.

So why in the world would I want to use a smart scale? 


I do so to better have a handle on my overall health. FitTrack scale is so much more than just my current weight. I step on not to see the number displayed, but rather for the various health stats it gives me in its free accompanying app. 

This includes 17 different metrics like BMI, muscle mass, protein mass, body water percentage and more. This gives me the insight to make sure I am properly staying hydrated. It also helps me keep an eye on my muscle rate and fat breakdown.

How To Use This Smart Scale 

To get the data, the user must download the app and pair via Bluetooth.  

“FitTrack uses Bluetooth technology instead of wifi, and we’ve been tested and proven to be incredibly accurate, within +/- 3% of a professional DEXA scan,” Yang said. 

Then step on the scale, placing the feet in line with the four load cell sensors.


FitTrack is equipped with dual bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology to get readings. 

“The electrical signal passes quickly through water that is present in hydrated muscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue,” she said. This resistance, known as impedance, is measured and input into scientifically validated FitTrack equations to calculate body composition measurements.”

The measurements are then revealed in under 20 seconds.

The tech is even safe to use when pregnant. 

Launch the app to then see specific statistics like muscle rate and bone mass listed on the main screen. Tap on any metric to see how the use fairs on a scale. This helps to see say if the user needs to drink more water or that they aren’t eating enough protein in their diet.

All About Being Healthy

There are two cons to this scale, one being the fact that only weight is displayed on the LCD. In comparison, other smart scales also reveal stats like BMI and water percentage right on the display screen.

However, users are still getting an in-depth look into their health with the app. 


“We also have the most robust reporting available within our price range,” Yang said. 

That second con is that the smartphone needs to be nearby in order to get full readings. Stepping on the scale without it near only provides weight—a mistake even I have been guilty of on more than one occasion.

These small things aside, there are plenty of interesting statistics that keep me stepping on day after day. 

The best part of FitTrack for me right now is being able to see my History of stats and how it compares by day, week, month and year. I look forward to then using the scale to track my body’s changes after giving birth.

“Seeing your progress is the best way to keep yourself accountable, for one. But it also helps keep our users stay motivated because they can see all the ways that their bodies are changing,” Yang said. “We recommend using daily monitoring to keep yourself mindful of your body, weekly monitoring to track your short-term goals, and monthly monitoring to make sure you’re on the right track to reach your long-term goals.”

What gets me excited is the scale’s athletic mode. 

“Athlete mode is designed for users that do an extensive amount of exercise on a regular basis. The measurements will be more accurate and adjust to these users,” Yang said. “With Athlete Mode enabled, different types of athletes and active users can monitor their reports for certain performance indicators that are important to their sport.”

But of course, at its core is the weight tracking aspect of this smart scale. 

“We think it’s important not to beat yourself up if you make a mistake, or slip up along the way, but overall, accountability is very important,” Yang said.

And FitTrack provides exactly that.


“Setting milestones to help you reach your goals, and holding yourself to them along the way is the most effective method to make sure you’re progressing in the ways that you need to,” she added. “That applies to everything from weight loss improving your run times.”

Outdoor Cooking

I look forward to continuing to use the FitTrack scale for the remainder of this pregnancy and after when tracking my weight loss and begin training for my next big race.

 I teamed up with the company to make it super easy for my readers to get their hands on the scale. Originally $169.90, get yours now for just $84.95.Those looking to get the FitTrack scale can do so by clicking here!


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