Senita Athletics Maternity Leggings: The Best Pair To Wear When Running Pregnant

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Running while pregnant comes with it so many challenges. And one of the many is the fact that none of our workout clothes fit. Another problem is finding activewear that does our ever-changing bodies. This is why those who find Senita Athletics leggings hit the jackpot—especially for those who are preggo.

Senita Athletics is a fitness apparel brand that was created by sisters. The clothes are designed in Scottsdale, Arizona and are known for being more affordable when compared to other luxury activewear brands.

But this doesn’t mean the price comes with a cut on quality.

Honestly, these are among the best workout leggings I have ever worn. And this is coming from someone who is struggling to find comfortable and affordable options will being shy of seven months pregnant.


Not Just For Pregnant Runners

While Senita leggings are my favorite pair to wear during a run while pregnant, the company sells non-pregnancy activewear for women.

This includes its tights, capris, shorts, shirts, shirts, and sports bras—later even including a hideaway pocket on the back to store a smartphone.


Sizes are available from extra small to extra large.

In general, the fabric is buttery soft and feels so good on. It’s thick enough to not be see-through, a common problem among workout pants. Yet it is also very breathable.

In short, it’s the perfect pair of pants and shorts for workouts—both of which I own.

Senita Saved Me From My Maternity Problem

For some reason this pregnancy I cannot find great quality running clothes that won’t break the bank that I would acutely wear. Leggings are either way too expensive for me to just wear for a few weeks or appear to be too cheap looking on sites like Amazon.

And there are only so many options available in maternity sizes for GapFit and Old Navy, affordable brands that I love their workout clothes.

But Senita turned out to be my happy medium. Better quality and still a great price point.

I started with a pair of Maternity Rio Shorts (in the color Ponderosa) which is only $24. I wore these early in my second trimester the most, loving the comfort, feel and color of them.

These shorts go over the belly, but can also be folded.

It does have a compression fit which is great at this stage in my pregnancy, but it soon became too snug feeling and I had wished I sized up.

I then ordered a larger size in the Rio Shorts (this time in marine and in a bigger size) and figured might as well try out the leggings. So I ordered the Mamacita Maternity Capris in Lilac.


The Best Leggings For A Run While Pregnant

This is no exaggeration.

With its buttery silk finish and it’s a great fit, these are my go-to pair when going for a run.

For just $39, these leggings are one of my favorite buys this pregnancy.

The best part is I look and feel great in them. I still feel excited about buying and wear new workout clothes and don’t feel like I’m sacrificing on style or function.

These Senita maternity leggings have a 7/8 length that is perfect for right now when it isn’t fall just yet but I know I will be continuing to work out in the cooler weather. I still am not overheating in them in the summer sun because of its breathability. And these are great for when I am taking a spin class at the gym.

It has tight legs, but lots of room thanks to the belly band. This means I don’t feel like I’m suffocating at the belly, so I feel like I can breathe and move freely.


The leggings don’t slide down when exercising, which is huge for me. These leggings fit in all the right places. The last thing I want to constantly adjust my clothes mid-run.

I can wear these for hours leading up to a workout and not feel like ripping them off. I ever wear them when not planning on a run and just inside because of how comfy it is.

There is a side pocket that can fit a phone, which is great when I wear them for a run.

The Senita Athletics maternity leggings have been part of my normal rotation now along with my goodbye goodmommy pair and a pair from GapFit.

I am so happy I found a pair of leggings that aren’t cheaply made that doesn’t cost and an arm and leg. Both this mama and my growing baby bump are happy when running in Senita leggings.

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