Nathan Trail Mix Plus Hydration Belt Review

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Hitting the trails for a mid- to long-distance run means having hydration on hand as well as other gear that might be needed. For this runner, this means going hands-free which is why I am a huge fan of hydration belts.

And lately, I cannot even go for a short walk or run without taking along the Nathan Trail Mix Plus hydration belt.


The Trail Mix Plus checks off every feature I need in a running belt, from comfort to sizing to weight and storage.

It’s a best-selling belt from the brand and using it just a few times and the consumer will quickly find out why.

Expect minimal bouncing from the belt, no sliding around and no leaks from the flasks. Plus available in purple toned and black and lime green options, the Trail Mix Plus looks great on too.


Design And Features

This is a two-flask hydration belt, with each flask holding 10 oz. (300mL) of water each. This is enough water to last me about up to 10 miles without having to worry about refilling. It’s ideal for my mid-distance runs.

The water holsters itself can’t be moved, but sit nicely just off-side of each hipbone so it’s really comfortable during the run.

It’s really easy to take the flasks out and put back on mid-stride. The caps of the flasks itself are soft and large. They extend to drink and retreat to prevent spills.


When it comes to design, the Trail Mix Plus is a show stopper. It just looks good, with vibrant purples and light blue accents. Along with its new graphics, the belt also features reflective trim for increased visibility.

Water is the most important feature here, but storage space is the close second. There needs to be enough room to hold gear during a long run.


For this runner, that means sports nutrition like Kramp Krusher energy chews, lip balm, and car keys.

The Trail Mix Plus delivers on this as well. I was originally worried that my iPhone 8 would not fit in the main zippered pocket, but it fits like a glove.


The only downside is that it took up pretty much all the room.

However, the velcro pocket in front of it is big enough to hold my key fob, ID, and energy chews.

There are also two shock chords on the side of the water holsters with a one-pull tension lock. This allows for extra storage such as hanging a shirt or lightweight jacket.

Size And Fit

The good news is that the Nathan Trail Mix Plus comes in one size.

The bad news is that it comes in one size.

It’s so much easier to just purchase the belt without having to worry about measuring the waist and still hoping for a perfect fit.


This running belt comes in “one size fits most,” with the waist measurement of 26 to 44-inches.

The belt goes around the waist and is closed via a large clasp. There is the ability to adjust the length, expanding it and making it tighter for the perfect fit,

I prefer having the ability to make the belt tighter if need be compared to belts that are tailored for a specific size with no adjustability.

Functionality And Run Test

Overall, The Trail Mix Pro fits well, sitting low on my hips and didn’t move at all during my runs.


Since I was using another Nathan product, the Zipster Lite for some time before this running belt I found that I had to get used to the feeling on the flasks slightly bouncing mid-run. But it’s unfair to call this a bounce. It was more of going from no water on a belt to now having it there.

After a few runs, it went unnoticed.

The belt, in general, is so comfortable and wasn’t bothersome mid-run at all—even in the summer heat.

It is extremely easy to access my phone from the large pocket, take a pic, look at a text or change music and put right back in mid-stride.

The is true about reaching for chews.


I didn’t pack the pockets to the nines, so the belt remained lightweight.

And since I am currently expecting it cradled my growing baby bump without feeling too tight and felt like added support.

Overall, the functionality of the Trail Mix Pro gets two thumbs up. It also passes my run test, where I wasn’t constantly fidgeting with it, moving it in place or struggling with grabbing the gear.

Final Impression

With its great look and top performance when it comes to delivering on what runner’s need in a hydration belt, the Nathan Trail Mix Plus is a showstopper.


From its customizable fit to its ample water storage and pocket space, the Trail Mix Pro goes with me both when on the pavement and when hitting those trails.

The Nathan Trail Mix Pro is available for $49.99.


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