From Couch-A-Holic to Gym-a-Holic: There’s an Apple Watch App That Will Help You Get Moving

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The great thing about an Apple Watch is it doesn’t judge.

It doesn’t disparage. It doesn’t yell at you for being over-worked and under-exercised or for slipping up and throwing yourself out of ketogenesis with a full-on doughnut binge after a bad break-up.

What it does do is motivate.

Even the most sedentary individual can get psyched to get moving more by investing in an Apple Watch.

The way Apple Watch does this is through striking visual features built into every app that are like victory flags placed every meter you master toward the finish line.

The right apps can play a crucial role in reminding you to keep up with healthy routines. You can set individual goals whether you want to drink more water, take breaks from work, take meal replacement shakes, improve your sleep etc.

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Now some fitness application works with most of the gym equipment so you’ll get the data from the treadmill or exercise bike you use at your local gym.

Let’s look at the best fitness apps on the Apple Watch that can help you get motivated, get moving, and make some significant strides toward a fitter you.

Apple Activity App

The best app for sedentary individuals who want to get more active is Apple’s Activity App. It’s build right into the Apple Watch—no need to download.

Apple’s Activity App is intended to be a very straightforward Behavioral Intervention Tool. It’s designed to help you make healthier decisions like stand more, sit less, and get moving.

It does this through blue, green, and red activity rings that activate once you start doing any one of these things—your goal? Meet the daily requirement for standing, and you “close” the blue ring.

Meet your daily goal for moving? Close the red ring? Meet your daily exercise goal and you close the green ring.

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Complete all three rings and the circles explode in a pretty glittering meteor-shower kind of party on your watch face that let’s you know you’ve done good today.

And Apple Watch wearers become OBSESSED with closing these rings. And it doesn’t take much to close them when you first begin using the app. Simply stand one minute out of every hour 12 hours a day and you close your blue stand ring, for example.

If it gets to be about 2 o’clock in the afternoon and you haven’t moved much, Activity will give you a gentle reminder saying, “Your move and exercise rings are usually further along by now.”

So this is the best fitness app for sedentary individuals who want to become obsessed and stay obsessed with getting moving.

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5K Runner: Couch Potato to 5K

If you want to get off the couch and get running long distances, there’s no better app to motivate than 5K Runner.

This app helps you progress slowly from plain old walking, to walking then running, to jogging, and then full out running, moving you slowly and safely toward longer running distances.

It’s not only a great motivator, constantly congratulating you on your progress, it’s also the most trainer/doctor approved method of going from taking a completely sedentary person and turning them into a long distance runner!

The app provides a two-month program, slowly progressing you from short walks to long walks, then walk runs to jogs, promising to get you from 1 to 5K in 8 short weeks.

Highly recommended for the lazy and unfit who want to get healthy in 2019.

Runkeeper: When you’re ready for Running

With the Apple Watch Series 3’s built in GPS, you don’t have to take your phone with you to track all aspects of your run (or walk) – or to take a phone call either.

After 20 walks or runs with your phone, the Apple Watch will be able to track your speed, distance, and how close you are to completing your run goal for the week.

If you complete your goal, you get a big, golden trophy cup to reward you for your hard work! You can also set 5K or 10K challenges and you and your friends can compete to see who brings home the win first.

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You can then upgrade to the Pro version of the app, and get more personally tailored motivation via messages geared to psyche you up to run more, run harder, and achieve new levels of accomplishment.

Strava: Build Slowly Toward Biking to Win

If you want to start biking more and logging longer rides, you’ll love Strava.

Strava is highly motivational, making biking fun and competitive. Strava pits you against other cyclers in races to see who gets to the finish line first.

What Strava does that is unique is to track your bike rides and then set you up against yourself, your friends, or strangers who have completed the same course.

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It’s a great way to motivate yourself to achieve a new personal best and get on the bike more often.

When you finish, Strava gives you stats on every aspect of your ride imaginable from highest speed achieved to your performance rating compared to other cyclers and your own previous rides.

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