Goodr Glasses New Jersey Marathon vs Electric Dinotopia Carnival

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By now runners have heard how great Goodr glasses are. When someone asks for a recommendation, chances are we are talking about how awesome these sunnies are in many ways. Besides being durable, non-stop and super affordable, the wide color options draw us in to buy a new pair every time a new batch of Goodrs are released. Which is why we need to talk about the beautiful teal color that attracts so many.

Goodr’s Electric Dinotopia Carnival is arguably one of the most color options the company ever released. With its cool, electric blue and deep purple frames, these stand out in any crowd. This runner has gotten so many compliments by both avid Goodrshoppers and those who are unfamiliar with the brand alike.

The good news is that this runner is lucky enough to own a pair of Electric Dinotopia Carnival. The bad news is that this color option that was released as part of its Dino Shades series is now extinct.

But there are other options that are similar. This includes options like Ness’s Midnight Orgy, Queen of Pain, ESQ. The latter actually is spot on to Electric Dinotopia Carnival, so it seems like the color just got a new name.

At the Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon Expo this year, I spotted the magical teal and purple pair and heavily debated picking up a spare pair. But that is when I wasn’t introduced to the exclusive New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon option.

I was told that this was the debut of these glasses, sold exclusively for racers. So as a marathon relay runner this year and 2018 half marathon finisher, how could I say no to this pair?

Here is how the Goodr New Jersey Marathon glasses compare to Electric Dinotopia Carnival.


New Jersey Marathon and Half Marathon Goodr sunglasses


This color is best described as teal meets mint. The frame itself is more on the green side compared to Electric Dinotopia Carnival, but still has a hint of teal that makes it unique. In fact, it mirrors the race’s usual teal theme color scheme. The lenses are teal blue, perfect for wearing when gazing out to the ocean. In short, these are two-toned bluish green that just looks super cool.



This pair is also perfect to wear when running along the Jersey Shore. These glasses look great, but perform just as well as every other pair of Goodr glasses. Inside the glasses is the New Jersey Marathon logo, a trade-off to wear the name usually is written. There is no colored tint that some of the other lenses give, so expect these to function like other sunglasses.


Best quality:

The exclusiveness of these glasses. All New Jersey runners will want to get a pair of these. These are not sold on the Goodr website, so runners will have to hope the expo sells these next year or try to find someone selling their pair online.

Why buy it:


Signature race color that looks great on. When given the opportunity to get a new color Goodr, going for the exclusive ones is always the right idea. Options include Boston, London, L.A., and Tokyo. Berlin, Chicago, and NYC are coming soon.

Fun fact is that the Goodr website does have a page for its limited edition Marathon Series. But the NJ Marathon pair is not included on this list.

Goodr Electric Dinotopia Carnival

Photo Credit: That Runner Mom


Framed with the perfect blue-teal that and purple people eater lenses, the colors of these glasses pop. The color combo is a match made in heaven. The teal is definitely more of a blue compared to the NJ Marathon ones, perfect for those who love the color blue but nothing looking for a baby blue. Now I don’t know if my pair is just faded, but the purple lens color on the Queen of Pain, ESQ pair seems way more vibrant on the purple front in photos online. This could just be good lighting and a fresh pair. The polarized lenses don’t have a color tint, so runner’s aren’t looking at the world as is they just drank some purple juice.


Its name says it all. These are electric, as fun as a carnival and the color we would want our imaginary pet dinosaur to be. It is a rare color that just looks so damn good. These are a great pair for spring and summer, but I continue to wear these option year round. In fact, it does pair well against a snowy backdrop when on that winter long run.

Photo Credit: That Runner Mom

Best quality:

This is a super stylish pair of Goodrs that miraculously were reinvented under a new name to increase is lifespan after the dinosaur campaign. Teal and purple. Need I say more?

Why buy it:

The color is the main selling point here. It is loud and vibrant in the coolest way possible. These are a head turner and just look great on—and in race photos. And because Electric Dinotopia Carnival is officially off the market, it’s a smart idea to stick up on its Amelia Boone’s signature color of Queen of Pain.



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