Gender Reveal Party: It’s A Girl!


So excited to announce that it’s a girl!


And while finding out this news was one of the most exciting few seconds of my life, waiting for the gender reveal party was the real anticipation was. I could not wait for this party and truly enjoyed spending the time with my loved ones, sharing the love.

When I was pregnant with my son we found out his gender after the genetic blood test. But because I couldn’t wait to hear the news, was told it was a boy over the phone. This time around I wanted a gender reveal because we weren’t able to experience the excitement and celebrate with our families in such a fun way.

My sister was the one who planned everything. She was the only one who knew the gender, written down at my doctors. And boy did she keep the secret. From the invitations to the decorations to the dessert she absolutely did an amazing job. We did spend time on Pinterest for ideas and she listened to some ideas I wanted when it came to the cake and what I envisioned for the party.


One idea was to have it a local park but instead decided just on having it at home. We have a nice backyard for entertaining so the warm weather worked out perfectly. It ended up being a little too hot to spend hours outside but was the perfect day enoyed both outside and in my family room.

The Menu

Food is the most important part of any party. This is true even if it is small and simple like this party was with just my immediate family and best fired and her family.

We kicked things off by grilling. The menu was simple: hot dogs, burgers, and chicken nuggets for the kids.

I made buffalo chicken dip and had a few chip options. There was also a fruit platter.

We also ordered a chicken cutlet hero with mozzarella cheese and roasted peppers along with macron salad. This was ordered from Royal Crown in Staten Island and brought over the bridge to us by my dad.

There was more than enough food so that we could all have seconds, my parents could take some home and still had leftovers for the next day.


But the icing on the cake for this gender reveal party was the desserts. My sister did a sweet job at creating the perfect dessert table.


The centerpiece of the cake was a pink and blue cake filled with strawberry, banana, and creme from Piece of Cake on Staten Island. We also got pink frosted and blue frosted donuts that were to die to for. She set them up on top of mason jars to be filled with milk.


She also used melted pink and blue chocolate to create rice crispy treats and Oreos.


Last up was pink and blue cotton candy placed on stands from Party City and placed in French fry bags from the party store.


The Oh Baby cake topper and the Team Pink and Team Blue stickers I purchased from Etsy.

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Other Decor

The main decorations were balloons. She used two helium tanks to blow up pink and blue balloons placed in my house and outside. She also got “baby,” “boy” and “girl” self-blown up balloons used as decorations.


My favorite touch was the hola hoop ballon arches she made to go over the dessert table.



The Gender Reveal


The best part was how we revealed the gender. I wanted a smoke and confetti cannon and she found the perfect ones on Etsy. She ordered two, which I highly recommend doing. What if the first doesn’t go off or you miss reactions for photos? Instead of my husband and myself shooting them, I let him do the honors so I could hold my son, not mess it up and actually see the color instead of being focused on shooting one. It was very easy to shoot off he said and myself and entire family were jumping, screaming and crying in joy. We used the second one to then take pictures and video.

What To Wear To Gender Reveal

Even though I was team girl, I wanted to stay neutral and would’ve been so happy with a boy. So I chose a dress that had both pink and blue. Mine was from Pink Blush paired with white sandals from Call It Spring and worn with Versace sunglasses.

My son wore his Big Brother shirt from Etsy and pink shorts from Target (he wanted baby sister!) paired with black Adidas sneakers. My husband was team blue in blue Polo shorts and shirt. We told everyone else to wear their color.



The party was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. It was the perfect way to learn and share the news with my family.



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