The New Jersey Marathon And Half Marathon Medals Are Even Better Than Last Years

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Just when you couldn’t get more excited that race day is approaching, the medals for the 2019 Novo Nordisk Marathon And Half Marathon were revealed last week and they are amazing. Seriously, they are even better than last years—and we didn’t think that would be possible.

The race organizers teased earlier this month that would be unveiled the new medal look soon. The did so via emails to race participants and on their social media accounts.

According to the organizers, the first thing they do when planning for the following year’s race is to design the medals.

“Its significance to you is not lost on us which is why we start early and work hard to make it perfect,” they write in their email. “It has to celebrate the state we love, the shore where we spend our summers, and most importantly, it has to celebrate you.”

The design of the medals is straight up awesome. It’s hard not to get excited about the race after checking them out. They are a worthy addition to any race medal collection.

The Design

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 3.34.06 PM.png

The 2019 Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon, Marathon Relay, Half Marathon and 5k and Kids Races medals are inspired by 45s that the organizers used to listen to growing up on the Jersey Shore. While this dates the organizers, the medals still have a modern look.

The medals are circular and yes, they even spin. They are sleek and have a clean look, with the marathon medal being all white with a black center and pink trim with the race logo. The half marathon medal is just as nice, if not nicer with print circling the medal and the shape of the state in the center.

All of the distances have great medals, which makes a runner want to collect them all.

2019 Finisher Medals vs 2018 Finisher Medals

The medals this year are really nice. They outshine the finisher’s medals awarded last year. However, the 2018 medals were still really nice. Both distances had similar designs last year but came in different colors: orange for the full and the bright teal for the half.

Screen Shot 2019-03-25 at 3.33.05 PM
njmarathon | Instagram

The marathon medals were rectangular with a slant, with the text in the front and “Run Home” text over an outline of the state on the back.

These medals differ in shape, that of a more traditional race medal. Last year’s medals were great, but these just look straight up cool.
The 2019 New Jersey Novo Nordisk Marathon weekend kicks off the RWJ Barnabas Health 5k and kids race Saturday, April 27. The Half Marathon and Marathon takes place Sunday, April 28. This year also includes a Marathon Relay on Sunday, a four-person race to tackle the 26.2 miles (which will be run by yours truly). Registration is still open for all events and can be found here.


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