Disney Princess Half Marathon Is One Month Away: Here’s Why (And How) I Already Feel Ready

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In exactly one month I will be transformed into a regular Disney fan to a Disney Princess Half Marathon finisher.

And I already feel ready.


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The thing about half marathon training is it really flies by. With what seems like the flick of a wand, it’s magically the last 4 weeks of a 12-week training plan. That does mean there is still more work to do, including the longest runs yet.

But more than just being excited about my trip and the race itself, I feel both mentally and physically prepared.

Here’s why:

First of all, I feel like I haven’t stopped training since last year. While I do take time off in between longer distance races, I haven’t taken a real break from running. That means my endurance is there. And with a 10-mile run planned for Saturday, I know that after that run the rest is in the bag. Previous half marathon training plans I’ve used like the popular once from Hal Higdon only have runners logging up to 10 miles max. However, my running coach has me up to 12—the same plan I used for this fall’s Jersey Shore Half Marathon. 

I feel like as long as at least get 10 miles in–which I know will get to 12—then I am ready to race this distance.
Another reason why I feel ready is because I feel fit and strong.

Here’s how:

Two words: cross training.

I feel prepared is because of the amount of cross training I added to my training schedule this time around. I’ve been consistently going to a spin class once and sometimes twice a week. I also have been doing other boot camp type classes once a week, and the occasional kickboxing or home weights session.

I’ve been focusing on all muscle groups and switching things up to keep my body guessing. As a result, I have more stamina than ever, which helps boost my endurance. I feel like I have an overall strong foundation to be able to hold good form when running and to be able to go the distance.
I have to add that my friends and I are not running the Disney Princess Half for time. As a result, I have a more relaxed approach to the race. That doesn’t mean I am taking my training lightly. Ironically I feel more prepared with still a month to go. It just means that there is no time pressures, anxiety or worries. Already in my mind, I can do it and it will be a fun race. With the exciting atmosphere and my friends by my side, I know we will all cross that finish line.

Now for the fun part, picking my outfit out.  I continue to really look forward to this upcoming runcation. See you fellow princesses at the starting line!


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