Arts And Crafts To Do With Toddlers: Klutz Jr My Pom-Pom Pet Shop

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I am obsessed with Barnes & Noble.

And to my delight, my toddler is already a mini mommy when it comes to reading. (He already made me read him three short books the second I wrote this sentence.)

So after a recent trip to get him some new books I decided now is the time to get him more educational activity books. He is really into sticker books with ABCs and really enjoys the KiwiCo crate boxes that include learning crafts each month. After browsing through the arts & crafts section I found the Klutz Jr My Pom-Pom Pet Shop. And this was the perfect project to do with a toddler.

First, it was super simple to make. With help from an adult, all that is needed to be done is glue little pom-poms together as well as the eyes and other paper body parts. Everything is labeled and there is an instruction book that is easy to read and follow.


It isn’t messy like other arts and crafts like painting. There was zero clean up after.

It literally took five minutes for each pet to be made. My son enjoyed playing with the pom-poms as he watched me lay out all the pieces needed to create his pet. He loves the movie Secret Life of Pets, enjoyed the Pets Playground crate from KiwiCo and has a new obsessed with Chicky the chick on YouTube. So, of course, our first pet was “Chicky.”

The box says for ages 4 and up, but my almost 2-year-old is very hands on. He watched intensively as I played out the body parts and told him the steps. He sat on my lap as I glued them together. His face lit up once it was finished.

After Chicky, I decided to make him a bunny since he also loves the “hop little bunny” song from Little Baby Bum.

It was a fun activity to do together without any fuss or a thousand little parts everywhere. After the second pet, he was over it for the time being, but there are plenty of other animals to make on another day. He has a really good memory, so I expect him to tell me “pets” when he wants to make another one again.

For now, his babies are hanging out on his table ready to play when he is.



  • Easy to make
  • Adorable
  • Great for teaching eyes, nose, head
  • Great for pretend play
  • No mess
  • Easy to assemble


  • Under 4 need adult to help make them
Later, my little guy playing with his Chicky (throwing him in the air and laughing.)


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