Running Gear Review: CamelBak Quick Grip Chill Handheld Water Bottle Solves Hydration And Storage Needs For Mid-Distance Runners

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The sun smiles brightly down, warming me to the bones. My skin becomes slippery and wet as perspiration beings to drip down the side of my face. My legs are in full sprint now, muscles pronounced and stretched like rubber bands. I am on fire, feeling like I own this run. Nothing can stop me and I am flying. But then my nemesis comes into view. I approach the hill head on, its steepness slowing me down a bit. As I climb to the top it as if I am walking through quicksand, by my feet are quicker. I conquer it and then get ready for the downfall. I picked up speed I lost and follow the trail around a bend.

There is no one and nothing in sight. The tall grass covers my perimeters and hides me. I feel small and connected to nature. But my mind starts to wonder and the heat gets to me. Suddenly I feel as if I am in the desert as I race ahead to the shaded patch, thankful for the trees who bend their arms in sympathy. The sun seems angry now, beating down stronger than before. The sun, combined with the humidity and the amount of work I am putting into the run makes my mouth water. Only it is so dry. I am in need of water. And bad.

Thankfully I have my CamelBak Quick Grip Chill handheld water bottle with me. It goes almost unnoticed in my hand, providing me with the ability to remain hydrated during this summer’s runs. And honestly, it was among the best purchases I ever made when it comes to running gear.

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The Specs

Runners probably know CamelBak for their hydration backpacks and vests used by marathoners, trail runners, and ultra runners. This handheld option brings the quality of CamelBak to runners who don’t want to be worn down by a hydration belt and aren’t running long enough to need a vest.

At the heart of this water bottle is, well, the water bottle. According to CamelBak, the insulated Podium Chill bottle keeps water cold twice as long when compared to regular sports bottles. This is because of its double-wall construction. Water does stay chilled for a decent amount of time, which is perfect for a 3-5 miler. However, I will say on those really hot days or when I am running longer mileage, my son’s Thermos bottle for keeping his water cold always outlasts the Quick Grip Podium Chill. I find myself reaching for his instead for ice cold water that never disappoints, but in fairness, his is designed for 12 hours of ice-cold goodness.

It holds 21 fl.oz of water, which is just enough for up to mid-distance runs.

The top has a Jet Valve that self-seals and prevents all spills. I have never had water accidentally come pouring out in my gym bag. The only time this happens is when I purposely open the lid to drench myself post run.
The bottle is BPA-free, with the companies TruTaste polypropylene with HydroGuard material that prevents the water from tasting like plastic even from the first use. It also is very easy to clean with its wide mouth.


It’s insulated is a key buying factor with this handheld water bottle for runners, but its design is what made me buy this specific option. The bottle itself is super lightweight, weighing only 4 ounces. It has a Quick Grip design, which allows the runner to hold the bottle in their hand comfortably. It essentially has a mini backpack for your water bottle.

The mesh fabric is soft and breathable. It has a strap that wraps around the outside of the hand and can be adjusted to make it fir more snug around the hand. It is designed so that wen running, the fingers are free and hands can remain open—all while still have water on hand.

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There is a zipped sac that has room for gels or sports beans and car keys. It cannot hold an iPhone 6 Plus, but possible could hold smaller phones. It says it can hold most, but think more on the Blackberry or older iPhones than the Galaxy. So chances are runners are holding their phones elsewhere. It also has a front pocket for a car key or some emergency cash.

Using Mid-Run

The CamelBack Podium Chill handheld water bottle makes drinking water during a run seamless and hiccup-free. It has its Jet Value ensures there are no spills, but the runner must remember that it is shut when doing for a gulp. Twist the wave to get a good flow of water. Squeeze the bottle to really get a mouthful.

I love this water bottle because it can store all the things I need to take with me during long runs without weighing me down. I’ve never been a belt runner, so this better suits my needs. I do not mind carrying water with me during a run, but the water bottle needs to be comfortable to hold. This option from CamelBak knocks it out of the park in this category. Other water bottles feel too heavy in the hand, or other BottleBands (which I love) cause the bottle to feel awkward in the had when almost finished. Runners just can’t go wrong when it comes with this option.


Pros And Cons

This water bottle does absolutely keep the water nice and cold during a run. Keep in mind that I typically don’t add ice cubes in my water, but do so for very hot days or when looking to prolong the coolness. The bottom line is the runner will be drinking cold water during their shorter to mid-distance runs with the CamelBak water bottle.

It is a great option for those who need to drink water with GUs during the run but who don’t want to invest in more expensive backpacks or vests.

Water still will slosh around the bottle when running the more the runner drinks, which can be slightly annoying. And even though it is lightweight, it won’t go unnoticed during those longer miles when the body starts to get tired.

The size is just right for mid-distance runs, but it can be too small for those running past half marathon training. At that point, it’s time to look elsewhere for hydration needs.

Some customers complain about mold on the lid since it can be hard to clean, but I have not experienced this. It is relatively inexpensive, and CamelBak proves a money back guarantee.

But I can guarantee that runners will be nothing but relieved that they have the CamelBak Quick Grip Chill handheld water bottle with them on those hot to intense runs without having to sacrifice on comfort, form, or spending a pretty penny on a simple piece of running gear.

Cheers, runners.


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