NJ Half Marathon Training Recap: Weeks 1-4

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It has been three years, so it’s time to be crazy—well half crazy.

Crossing the finish line at a half marathon race is one of the most emotionally powerful moments I have experienced in my life. A feeling so amazing, I did it three times.

And after taking time away from racing to just enjoy running without pressure and a strict schedule, then having a baby and bouncing back, I have found myself back to the wonderful world of races.

After feeling so passionate about running again—and feeling strong running—I feel deep in my bones that now is the time to do another half marathon. So I signed up got the NJ Half in Long Branch at the end of April.

Already my first month of training is done and in the books, so I am officially of to the races (so to speak). This time around I am using the Hal Higdon program again, settling on the Novice 1 Program. While I have run 13.1 miles before, it has been a loooong time, so I figured best to tackle it like I have never before.

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What I am doing this time that I wasn’t so consistent about the last times is my cross training days. I know it’s okay to do a short run if you don’t cross train, but I really want to use my body to its full potential, taking up Kickboxing and Spin class.

I also joined a running club for those long runs for more support and motivation, which I highly recommend doing. Although so far I have only been able to do this once out of the month, I look forward to running with others who are just as motivated as me—especially when the mileage increases. Some of them are also doing the same race, so we are all running towards the same goal.

I modify the days of the week schedule wise to meet my need, such as having my rest days on Sundays and long runs on Saturday. Cross training days are religiously Wednesday and Friday,leaving my three runs (2 shorter, 1 long) for the remaining days.

In the beginning, most of my runs where done at home on my treadmill, but on nicer days heading out to local parks with the jogging stroller.

I have to say that so far training is going really well. My first three weeks for sure I was amped up and ready to tackle each workout. It was really easy for my to incorporate planned workouts into my schedule—even with a baby. I knew that when he napped I would run, or take him to the gym for that class after lunch. Now I am getting to the point where this week my legs are sore and a little tired, and I wasn’t thrilled about running 5 miles on the dreadmill, but got through it.

I am looking forward to this week’s 6 mile long run, and then a 5k I have the following weekend. I hope that the next 4 weeks go as smoothly as the first.


Photo: Novo Nordisk New Jersey Marathon | Facebook


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