Here’s What It’s Like To Run A Night Nation Run 5K

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Just in time for beach season, I have been on a running streak as of late. While the now warm and sunny weather has me feeling good, being consistent with my runs and fueling my body with healthy foods has me feeling even better.

I noticed that for the past three weeks I’ve really been sticking to workouts mostly because I knew I had a 5K race coming up. And let me just say that setting a goal like signing up for a race is one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable and making sure you keep up with you regimen because you have to be prepared.

Last Saturday I ran the Night Nation Run 5K, a fun run for those who love to dance.

For those who have never run a Night Nation Run or similar EDM-themed night 5ks before, here is what you can expect.


About The Night Nation Run

The Night Nation Run is a music-themed 5k that featured DJs spinning Electronic Dance Music,with lights, lasers, and lots of glow sticks. Participants can other run, walk, or dance through the course that includes music along the way, with a dance party located at the main stage afterwards that usually features celebrity performers.

While there are a few similar 5ks like this one to there like the Electric Run, Night Nation Run is the “world’s first Running Music Festival,” with Stand Up To Cancer being the official charity.IMG_2574

It’s All About The Party

The first and foremost thing you need to know is this is not a 5k to do in hopes to beat your PR. In fact, there is no time chips or clocks, so unless you are using your own running app you won’t know what your finishing time is.

Chances are you will be surrounded by those who are more interested in the dance after party than running a race. This also means that you should be prepared to see lots of young teenagers walking along the course who just came to party.

In fact the motto is “I run for the after party.”


And that’s totally fine, and who doesn’t love an awesome dance party—just know the emphasis on this type of fun run is the “fun” not the “run.”

The Course

With that being said, the run itself is enjoyable in itself because of the music pumping, high energy from both the music and the crowds of people, and how the course is set up.

Along the way there are boots set up with DJs playing live, where runners can take a break from running and instead dance it out. This is why time is not of the essence here. You will want to stop and enjoy yourself along the way.

While each course differs depending on where you are running yours, the one I ran was located at the Aviator Sports & Event Center in Brooklyn, NY. I have done many 5k here before, so now the course pretty well. However, they set it up where runners had to lap the same trial twice in order to have reached the 5K distance by the time they cross the finish line.

Keep in mind that this is a night run, so it can be hard to see despite many people wearing glow sticks and neon colors and lighting set up along the way. There were times when the only light was from said glow sticks, so I made sure to be alert as to where I was going since my sister suffered from a serious ankle injury after tripping at this same venue—at that was during the day.IMG_2567

What is also fun and different about this 5k is that they had a “Selfie Station” set up at about the mile and a half mark, so that runners could pause and pose for social media. This station was essentially a tent with some really good black lighting, but who doesn’t want a good race photo?

Don’t Do It Solo

I honestly had a blast doing this run, but only as much fun as someone can have while trying not to feel awkward for doing it alone. These types of runs are best done with a group of people, or at least another running buddy.

Originally I was going with a group of people in New Jersey, but had to postpone it and this was the best option for me to still complete it. However, no one could join be down the course.

I wasn’t the only person flying solo, and I had no shame in my single game. I also met people along the way running alongside me for singing and dancing and lots of laughs.


And since I was alone with my sister and son waiting nearby for moral support, I didn’t stay for the dance party afterwards, so can’t report much on that front besides the fact that other similar main stage events I went to were the best party of the whole night. It serves as a bonus opportunity to get extra sweaty, but continue to have a good time.


Who A Night Nation Run Is For

Because this kind of event that is more about the fun and many people don’t take the running part seriously, it’s the perfect 5k to register for if you are only starting your fitness journey, or not big into running but want a fun way to get moving. It’s also a good practice 5k for those looking to get their feet wet in the racing world.

It’s also the kind of run for runners looking to switch up their typical miles for the week, good to use as a training run when going for a half marathon, or for those who just love to run.

It’s ideal for those who are into fitness, as well as EDM and dancing who is looking for a group activity for a warm summer night.

What You Get

As part of the registration, runners get a Night Nation shirt (black with neon letters), a race bib, glow necklace, admission to the after party, with free giveaways passed out at the starting line and the after party.

There might not be any race bling, but there is the kind of dance party you won’t regret taking part in.

Night Nation Run is next being held in Philadelphia, PA tonight, Washington, DC on June 17, Hartford, CT on June 24 and more during the rest of the summer.


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