I Just Signed An Endorsement Deal With Brooks Running, And You Can Too

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It’s the first Wednesday in June, and that means it’s the annual day to celebrate our love for running, better known as Global Running Day 2017. And to get things kicked off, Brooks Running revealed it would be making a major announcement via Facebook Live this morning.

For those who didn’t tune in, Brooks Running CEO Jim Weber announced that now any average runner can become a sponsored athlete for the company. And yes that means they will get paid to do so (well, sort of).

Out to “make history” by signing “the biggest Brooks endorsement deal ever,” Brooks is helping to give every runner the recognition they deserve for being loyal to the brand and getting out there and doing the activity that they love.

This biggest athlete endorsement deal means that for the first time it’s not just professional athletes that are sponsored by the company. The deal is for all people who run.

“We believe that fast or slow, whether chasing a personal record or feeding your soul, now matter how or why you run, we want to celebrate and support all of you,” Weber said.

To sign up for the endorsement deal, runners can head to BrooksAthlete.com . They are asked to sign a “super serious athlete contract,” and then have the option to add a photo to a badge. Runners are then given a number to reveal which Brooks Athlete they are, with the option to share it on social media.

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According to the Terms and Conditions, the Brooks Big Endorsement Marketing Campaign begins on June 7, 2017, and ends on September 30, 2017. After signing up, the sponsored runner can expect a welcome package that includes a check for $1 for doing their part for their endorsement.

Once the runner becomes #brooksendorsed, they can access to recipes, training tips, training plans and gear.

While this means you will just become a household name in your household, it stills feels great to be appreciated be your favorite running brand.

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